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The theme of Finance transformation looks at how CFO's and business leaders are changing finance to drive operational excellence and make finance a strategic partner to the business. The programme focuses on different practical aspects of transformation including optimising the finance function and people capability.

ACCA's programme on finance transformation evaluates how CFO's are seeking to drive an optimal finance function and the key strategic issues finance leaders face. The programme recognises the growing use of new finance operating models to improve the performance of the finance function and the business itself. It will consider the evolution of finance shared services and outsourcing, looking at the strategic issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as emerging developments in the retained finance function and finance centres of excellence.

People capability is at the heart of the optimal finance function. ACCA's programme will look at a wide range of people and career development issues that impact on the effectiveness of finance. It will consider how business leaders are implementing talent and leadership development programmes to recruit, develop and retain the best finance people. The programme will also look at the emerging roles, skills and capabilities across the finance function as part of transforming the finance function. It will outline evolving career paths and critique the finance learning agenda, understanding the practices leading businesses are taking to implement learning programmes that support capability development.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2012