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Certain industries are liable for specific tax charges and schemes that apply to them alone.

There are certain tax schemes and taxes that relate to specific industries. These include:

  • The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This sets out rules for how contractors in the construction industry should handle payments to subcontractors. Both contractors and subcontractors must register with HMRC. The contractor is responsible for checking that their subcontractors are also registered, paying them and submitting monthly returns.
  • Air passenger duty. Businesses that operate aircraft (including helicopters) that depart from airports in the UK and carry paying passengers, will be liable for air passenger duty. The amount will depend on the number of passengers, the 'classes' of travel offered and the destination.
  • Aggregates levy. Businesses that quarry, dredge or import sand, gravel or rock, have to register with HMRC and pay this levy. There may be relief for aggregates that are supplied outside the UK or that are not used in construction.
  • Climate change levy. This tax is levied on suppliers of power, heating and lighting to business and public-sector users.
  • Insurance premium tax. Insurers, brokers or intermediaries providing taxable insurance must register with HMRC and charge and account for this tax on insurance premiums and related commission and fees.
  • Landfill tax. Businesses that operate landfill sites and have an environmental licence or permit that authorises waste disposals must account for and pay landfill tax. It is charged on waste disposed of through landfill.
  • Other taxes. These include stamp duty, inheritance tax, excise and other duties and levies.


How your accountant can help

If your business is in the construction industry, your accountant can file CIS returns for you and carry out all your CIS business online using HMRC software. If your business is in another industry that is liable to its own specific tax, it is a good idea to seek specialist advice from an accountant with expertise in tax for your particular sector.

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Last updated: 13 Jan 2014