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We have developed CBE specimens and showcases to give you an overview of the new exams, including the new F4 English and Global CBEs, and their functionality.

CBE specimen exams

ACCA provides specimen exams to give you an insight into the question types and syllabus coverage in the actual exams. Our CBE specimen also shows you how computer-based exams work.

Please note that the specimen system displays instructions before the exam starts, which can also be accessed via a Help button during the exam. 

Overview of CBEs

We have produced some showcases, which outline the format of each exam. They also provide knowledge of:

  • types of question presented in the exam
  • how each question type is displayed
  • how each question type is answered

The experience and feature showcase demonstrates additional features available to CBE students and helps familiarise you with how CBEs display.

You can access the showcases relevant to your exam from the following sections.

Foundation level CBE showcases

Foundations in Accountancy Introductory Certificate

Foundations in Accountancy Intermediate Certificate

ACCA Qualification CBE showcases

Exam F4 English (ENG) and Global (GLO)

Note:  If you are asked to download Google Chrome, please close this message as you do not need any software updates to view the showcases

Note on currency in F4 GLO

Due to the nature of the new style of questions, for some questions it is not appropriate to use $ as they are based on English company law where the correct answer is £. To prevent any confusion over this, $ and £ are interchangeable in all F4 GLO questions. There will be a note on the CBE instructions screen informing candidates of this.

Improving your Performance

Once you have completed a CBE specimen exam you may find it helpful to refer to the equivalent paper-based specimen exam. This contains similar questions to the CBE exam, with questions being accompanied by a rationale for each correct answer.

In addition, you should refer to the Examiner's Reports as these include guidance on answering questions that students found difficult. These resources can be found within the relevant qualification section on this website.

General guidance on answering questions in CBEs can be found in past editions of Student Accountant magazine. 

Please revisit the information on this website page and have another look at the specimen exams closer to the date that you are due to take your exam. This will help you to ensure that you have seen the most up to date information when preparing for your actual exam.

Last updated: 7 Jul 2015