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With effect from January 2011, new arrangements for demonstrating CAT practical experience requirements under the Foundations in Accountancy suite of qualifications have been introduced. Foundations in practical experience requirements (FPER) must be completed by all students who have registered for CAT from January 2011 onwards.

Students who have registered for CAT before the end of 2010 can submit their Trainee Training Record (TTR) up to and including the 31st December 2011, or they may elect to complete the new FPER. After that date only the FPER will be accepted.

CAT students will be required to have 12 months' relevant practical experience and demonstrate the achievement of a total of ten work-based competences. Four of these new FPER competences will be the same as the performance objectives which form part of the ACCA Qualification. If these four competences are successfully completed as part of the CAT Qualification FPER, they will count towards four of the 13 performance objectives required to achieve the ACCA Qualification.

*Existing CAT students can also elect to use the new FPER with effect from 1 January 2011.

Students will be required to update and maintain electronic records of progress towards the demonstration of the achievement of both Essentials and Technical Competences, and will be required to submit a completed and verified paper based version of their FPER Record and Summary to ACCA.

The FPER Guide explains how FPER is structured and how it should be completed, including a list of FAQs. This document should be read carefully by both CAT students and their workplace mentors. The FPER Guide contains information about how to demonstrate the necessary competences. It also explains the responsibilities of mentors in supporting and verifying the work of students and describes who is eligible to be a workplace mentor and who can sign-off the Essentials and Technical competences demonstrated.

The second document explains what is involved in becoming a CAT Workplace Mentor and how to take on this important support role. The third document includes samples of how a selection of the Essentials and Technical CAT FPER competences could be demonstrated. This document is intended to help CAT students assess the standard of responses required for successful completion.

You can download PDFs of the FPER Guide; Become a Workplace Mentor for a CAT student and Demonstrating Essentials and Technical Competences from the Related Documents section at the bottom of this page.

Students who have completed their practical experience should complete and submit the FPER Record and Summary document to ACCA. This is an electronic and writeable pdf which students can access through their myACCA portal which can be edited electronically, saved and retrieved and sent via email for review and sign-off to workplace mentors as required. The final and fully endorsed version must be printed and sent to ACCA as a hard copy.

To access myACCA click on the link in the Related Links section on the top left side of this page.

Last updated: 1 May 2013