The global body for professional accountants

Applying for full CAT status brings with it a number of benefits to enrich your career and boost your employability:

Get yourself noticed

Applying for CAT status allows use the "CAT" letters after your name, a clear signal to employers that you have got what it takes to succeed in any finance and accounting support role. As a Certified Accounting Technician you will have a sound foundation in accountancy, which can be used to supplement to your existing skills or as a springboard onto studying further accountancy qualifications.

Your route to becoming an ACCA member

You have the option to transfer onto the ACCA Qualification and gain professional status. As a CAT graduate you will be exempt from certain papers and may have accumulated relevant practical experience.

Gaining the ACCA Qualification will allow you to use "ACCA" after your name, grant you full membership to ACCA, the world's largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body, and give you the option to go on and study further qualifications to add to the value of your CV.

Last updated: 25 Apr 2013