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There's more to taking exams than just knowing your subject. Planning your studies effectively, along with good revision and exam technique all play a part in getting you through exams successfully. Below are a range of resources designed to help you understand how to approach revision, and apply what you have learned in the exam.

Video Guides

In this series of videos, Jeremy Leigh, ACCA Member and Business Relationship Manager at ACCA talks you through tips from his time as an ACCA student, from advice on planning your revision to techniques to help you tackle the exam on the day.

Planning your revision video

1. Planning your revision

The first video guide in the series explores how to to effectively plan your study and revision. Find out more about identifying your personal revision style, staying motivated, using resources effectively and maximising your study time. 

Revision techniques video

2. Revision techniques

In this video guide, we take a look at using different types of revision techniques to match your learning style. Find out about a range of techniques for revising, including repetition, association, visualisation, mind mapping and mnemonics.

Exam tips and techniques video

3. Exam tips and techniques

The final video guide in the series looks at strategies to get you through the exam on the day. Topics covered include preparing for exam day, coping with exam stress, interpreting questions, structuring your answers and using time effectively.

You will also find useful study tips and articles in your monthly Student Accountant magazine, so make sure you read it regularly.

Last updated: 6 Jun 2014