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Together we’ve developed the professional accountants that the world needs. And we can look on with pride at the success our students have and are achieving


This is our opportunity – working together – to remain relevant to the next generation, enhancing their employability by giving them the blend of skills and expertise they too will need to succeed. 

Over the years, ACCA and our learning providers have worked together to develop the ethics and professional skills vital for our students to secure their future career success.

From 31 October 2017, our new Ethics and Professional Skills module will introduce students to the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills in realistic business situations. Empowering them to shine with recruiters and in the workplace, our innovative module also prepares students for success in our Strategic Professional exams.

The introduction of the new Ethics and Professional Skills module will enhance your teaching by helping your students develop key ethical and professional skills and behaviours required of a professional accountant.

The module will also support your students with developing the skills required to be successful in our new Strategic Professional exams launching in September 2018 – particularly the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) case study.

In addition, the Ethics and Professional Skills module is a powerful tool in bringing case study teaching to life, helping you to provide a much more interactive learning experience for you and your students.

Teo Ee Sing, executive director at Sunway College in Malaysia, agrees: ‘We applaud ACCA on introducing this exclusive Ethics and Professional Skills module to equip our students with business ethics skills and to manage the challenges in their career. In addition, the new module will prepare our students for the Strategic Professional level, especially the Strategic Business Leader case study. With the ACCA Qualification and the Ethics and Professional Skills module, ACCA students will have the edge over other candidates.’

Philip Meagher, CEO of LearnSignal, adds: ‘Innovations such as the new Ethics and Professional Skills module allow students to show their employers that ACCA is adapting to the needs of the ever changing working environment. The separate certification distinguishes ACCA from other professional qualifications and helps ACCA students stand out among their peers.’

The introduction of the Ethics and Professional Skills module, combined with all the other changes that we’re making to the ACCA Qualification, will help you and us shape the profession, and future proof the career success of the next generation.

We’re aiming to have access to the module for our learning providers very soon – so make sure you and your tutors are signed up to our Education Hub so that you can get a very early look at our latest innovation to the ACCA Qualification. 

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Last updated: 26 Oct 2017