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ACCA works directly with government departments, standard-setting bodies, and with many different professional and business organisations both in the UK and internationally. ACCA's technical work, assisted by its global forums of expert members from around the world, addresses in particular: auditing and assurance, business law, corporate governance and risk management, corporate reporting, health sector finance, public sector accounting and finance, SME affairs, sustainability, and tax. This section highlights our latest work on all these activities.

The EU Accounting Directive and the new UK/Irish GAAP

This article, published in the July 2014 UK edition of Accounting and Business, considers the implications of the EU Directive, now that it is due to come into force one year after the implementation date of FRC’s new regime (FRS 100-103). READ THE ARTICLE

The new accounting regime for UK charities

Charities in the UK will be subject to amended Statements of Recommended Practice (SORPs), which accompany the new accounting regime to be implemented from 2015. This article, published in the July 2014 UK edition of Accounting and Business, describes the process resulting in the revised SORPs, and the key points to note.. READ THE ARTICLE

Five years of the global economic recovery


July 2014. A new report marks the fifth anniversary of the ACCA/IMA Global Economic Conditions Survey. It explores the major trends that have driven the global economy between 2009 and 2014 and considers what they might mean for the future of the recovery. READ MORE

Stock exchanges in sub-Saharan Africa: capturing intent towards ESG requirements


July 2014. A number of leading stock exchanges are helping to drive sustainability reporting via the inclusion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements in their listing regulations. Following a review of listing regulations, corporate disclosure practices of listed companies and consultations with experts from stock exchanges and listed companies, this report explores the level and extent of sustainability activities of 10 stock exchanges across sub-Saharan Africa. READ MORE

An introduction to ACCA’s technical policy work


July 2014. As part of its efforts to maintain and enhance its status as a leading international professional body ACCA actively engages with the key debates on the current and future nature of accountants’ work. This publication summarises the main areas of focus of ACCA’s technical policy work and the broad directions that we take in it. READ MORE

Breaking out: public audit’s new role in a post-crash world (an English perspective)


July 2014. The consequences of the 2008 financial crisis continue to play out around the world but the crisis has spurred fresh thought, especially among public auditors. ACCA’s paper Breaking Out: Public Audit’s New Role in a Post-crash World (February 2014) has brought together some of this new thinking.

Exploring the themes from the publication in an English context, ACCA hosted a roundtable in Westminster in April 2014, bringing together politicians, contributors from the report, academics, journalists, regulators and auditors from across the country. Clear themes emerged from the event as well as suggestions for what comes next following the abolition of the Audit Commission in 2015. This paper offers an overview of the key issues discussed, outlines specific highlights and considers what comes next. READ MORE

The conference of The World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform


June 2014. Paul Cooper reports on the conference of The World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform, held in Vienna on 2–3 June 2014. The conference covered two programmes that support accounting, auditing, and institutional progression in a number of countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. READ MORE

A new ACCA Global Forum for Ethics


June 2014. The Global Forum for Ethics was established by ACCA in May 2014, with a view to stimulating discussion to inform ACCA’s position on matters where there are, or may be, ethical considerations. At its first meeting, chaired by Sara Harvey on 11 June 2014, the Forum discussed current projects of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA). READ MORE

Pillage: a new threat to global supply chains


June 2014. This paper explores the business risk of association with economic war crimes as supply chains lengthen and activist interest grows. Shifting regulatory, jurisprudential and public opinion landscapes have revitalised the war crime of pillage as an offence, and business must respond. READ MORE

The digital economy: OECD’s consultation on tax challenges


June 2014. This new briefing paper reviews the OECD’s March 2014 consultation to address the tax challenges of the digital economy. READ MORE

Lease accounting: an update on the international proposed amendments


June 2014. This new briefing paper describes the development of the IASB/FASB project on lease accounting launched in 2009, its current proposals, and ACCA’s views on these. The international amendments to lease accounting, once final, are likely to have a significant impact on lessees, in particular. The proposed amendments seek to address long-standing criticisms of the current lease accounting model. READ MORE

Divestment from fossil fuel companies


June 2014. ACCA’s Global Forum for Sustainability has explored the potential issues associated with divestment from fossil fuel companies, and collated the various views and opinions expressed by forum members in this paper. In addition to this, the forum has identified a number of areas requiring continued discussion and research. These have been included throughout the discussion paper and constitute areas for further analysis. READ MORE

Net positive natural capital ambitions


June 2014. ACCA’s Global Forum for Sustainability has explored the concept of ‘net positive’ natural capital ambitions, and collated the various views and opinions expressed by forum members in this paper. In addition to this, the forum has identified a number of areas requiring further discussion and research. READ MORE

Global policy on taxation of companies


May 2014. In this ACCA video, Chas Roy-Chowdhury, ACCA’s head of tax outlines ACCA’s policy on the taxation of businesses. READ MORE

Bribery and what it means for business


May 2014. In this ACCA video, John Burbidge-King, the CEO of the consultancy Interchange, discusses with John Davies, ACCA’s head of technical, how dedicated risk management systems can help businesses to protect themselves against bribery risk. READ MORE



May 2014. In this ACCA video, Richard Martin and Paul Cooper discuss the changes which are being proposed by the IASB and ACCA’s views on those proposals. READ MORE

Last updated: 25 Jul 2014