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7 May 2018Sustainability reporting
Guide toUnited Kingdom

ACCA guide to... fulfilling your business's environmental obligations

Every business has an impact on the environment - and legal obligations that it must fulfil. The requirements are relatively simple for businesses such as offices and shops.

2 Nov 2017Sustainability reporting

Sustainable Development Goals

This report sets out to demonstrate why the SDGs matter to professional accountants; the role of the private sector in their delivery and how professional accountants can be part of a collaborative group of actors working together to achieve the aims of the 2030 Agenda

17 Oct 2017Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionUnited Kingdom

ACCA comments on FRC exposure draft- Guidance on the Strategic Report: Non-financial reporting

Draft amendments to Guidance on the Strategic Report: Non-financial reporting Exposure Draft issued for comment by the Financial Reporting Council in August 2017

21 Feb 2017Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting: the evolving landscape in Pakistan

This report examines the changes in sustainability reporting in Pakistan and in doing so aims to find the key benefits that lead organisations to report on sustainability.

15 Apr 2016Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionGlobal

EC public consultation on non-binding guidelines on methodology for reporting non-financial information

The European Commission should clarify the intended scope of auditors' responsibilities in order to avoid widening the expectation gap.

15 Apr 2016Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionUnited Kingdom

BIS consultation on the UK implementation of the EU non-financial reporting directive

Non-financial information provides crucial context for shareholders to understand companies' development, performance, position and impact.

17 Feb 2015Sustainability reporting

The European Commission’s multi-stakeholder forum on corporate social responsibility

This article reports on the CSR forum hosted at the European Commission on 3-4 February 2015.

9 Dec 2014Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionGlobal

Consultation on the updated CDSB framework

Comments from ACCA to the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB).

30 Sep 2014Sustainability reporting

Natural capital comes of age

As pressure grows on our resources, companies must learn how to manage, measure, report and disclose on natural capital.

30 Sep 2014Sustainability reporting

Taking stock of sustainability

Africa’s stock exchanges have a vital role to play in helping listed companies get to grips with reporting on environmental, social and governance issues.

21 Jul 2014Sustainability reporting
ReportSouth Africa

South African institutional investors’ perceptions of integrated reporting

This report outlines the reactions of the South African institutional investment community to the production of integrated reports by South African listed companies.

16 Jul 2014Sustainability reporting

Stock exchanges in sub-Saharan Africa: capturing intent towards ESG requirements

This report explores the level and extent of sustainability activities of 10 stock exchanges across sub-Saharan Africa.

9 Jun 2014Sustainability reporting

Business and investors: providers and users of natural capital disclosure

Joint report by ACCA, Fauna & Flora International and KPMG calling for robust reporting and commitments to reduce impacts on natural capital.

24 Apr 2014Sustainability reporting

Sustainability matters

This paper sets out ACCA’s key polices and statements around a series of six business and sustainability topics.

12 Feb 2014Sustainability reporting

Understanding investors: the changing corporate perspective

The last in a four-part series examining what investors want from corporate reporting and how organisations are responding to their needs. It examines current trends in reporting and the audit relationship from the perspective of the CFO, with a particular emphasis on real-time and integrated reporting.

15 Jan 2014Sustainability reporting

Identifying natural capital risk and materiality

This joint paper from ACCA, Fauna & Flora International and KPMG is a guide for businesses interested in understanding natural capital as a business risk and a material issue.

1 Oct 2013Sustainability reporting

Carbon avoidance? Accounting for the emissions hidden in reserves

This joint report from ACCA and Carbon Tracker explores global reporting practices on fossil fuel reserves and the nature of any information gaps.

24 Sep 2013Sustainability reporting

Improving natural capital reporting and finding the tools to help

This paper highlights some of the ways companies can report on their natural capital impacts and dependencies.

1 Jul 2013Sustainability reporting

Paragraph 47: international perspectives one year on

This paper captures stakeholder and national perspectives on paragraph 47 (the reporting outcomes of Rio+20), based on a series of roundtables involving experts from various locations round the world.

27 Jun 2013Sustainability reporting

What do investors expect from non-financial reporting?

In this paper, ACCA and Eurosif gather the views and opinions of the investment community on their use of ESG information and the proposed EU reporting regime.

1 Apr 2013Sustainability reporting

The business benefits of sustainability reporting in Singapore

A summary of ACCA's roundtable discussions with sustainability professionals and practitioners, held in Singapore on 24 January 2013.

23 Nov 2012Sustainability reporting

Embedding sustainability in SMEs

This paper presents the ACCA Global Forum for SMEs’ recommendations for the development of a series of SME-specific measures and approaches that will need to be adopted by governments, the business support community and the accountancy profession, if current efforts to engage SMEs in sustainable business practices are to gain significant momentum.

1 Nov 2012Sustainability reporting

The state of sustainability report assurance in the ASX 100

Researching publicly available sustainability reports published by the ASX 100 provided data that were used to determine the extent of assurance of public sustainability disclosures, by whom, and to which, if any, assurance standard. ACCA and the Net Balance Foundation.

10 Oct 2012Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionGlobal

DEFRA: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – draft regulations for quoted companies

Comments from ACCA to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), 10 October 2012.

16 Aug 2012Sustainability reporting

Integrated reporting: the influence of King III on social, ethical and environmental reporting

This study analyses the annual reports of 10 major South African companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to assess the impact of the required introduction of integrated reporting on social, environmental and ethical reporting.

5 Jul 2011Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionGlobal

Defra: Measuring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by UK companies: a consultation on options

Comments from ACCA to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), July 2011.

14 Dec 2010Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting matters: what are national governments doing about it?

Hannah Jones, December 2010. This paper makes a number of recommendations for national governments and organisations that are responsible for developing guidelines and frameworks for sustainability reporting in the future.

21 May 2009Sustainability reporting
Policy submissionGlobal

Consultation on the term 'carbon neutral': its definition and recommendations for good practice

Comments from ACCA to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), May 2009.

2 Jan 2009Sustainability reporting

ACCA's 'Meet the winners and judges' reporting workshop

ACCA, January 2009. This document outlines the key points of the reporting workshop held as part of the 2008 ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting. It discusses the reporting recommendations made for 2008 by the Awards judges.