Public practice

Rosanna Choi, Partner

"Obtaining an internationally recognised professional qualification such as ACCA creates tremendous opportunities worldwide, enabling you to progress your career and rise to the top."

Deloitte China
Roy Tsang, Partner, Audit Service

"ACCA's reputation for excellence in qualifications and training is acknowledged around the world, which will have a positive impact on your reputation in the profession."

Ernst & Young
Agnes Tso, Partner, Financial Services

"The globally recognised ACCA Qualification focuses on enabling a holistic development for its members, which takes them to the next level in both their personal and career pursuits."

Ernst & Young
Judy Wong, Partner, Assurance

"A career in accountancy is a great choice that can offer you excellent job prospects, especially in Asia Pacific, where demand is strong. A professional qualification strengthens your potential and puts you in demand in the workplace across all sectors."

Alice Yip, Partner, Audit

"An ACCA Qualification is not only a recognition of competence for ambitious accounting professionals but is also a key to career advancement and success."

PwC Hong Kong
William Mak, Assurance Partner
"When I finally achieved ACCA membership, it felt wonderful."

PwC Hong Kong
Fergus Wong, Director, Tax Services - National Tax Policy Services

"ACCA opens up a wealth of opportunities and enhances the development of your employability. This worldwide qualification with global standards enables you to develop a rewarding career internationally."

SHINEWING Specialist Advisory Service
Anita Hou, Partner of Forensic and Investigation Services

"The ACCA Qualification is a passport for a professional accountancy career worldwide. The qualification represents quality and distinction, which is highly regarded by business around the world."

Banking and finance

Bank of Communications
Chris Tang, Chief Dealer

"To maximise value from my opportunities with ACCA, I took my CAT studies to the next level and completed the ACCA Qualification and the BSc in applied accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University."

Goldman Sachs Asia LLC
Stefan Tung, Controllers, Finance Division

"The business world is always challenging. The ACCA Qualification can equip you with solid accounting and finance knowledge to tackle all the challenges."

Hang Seng Bank
Andrew Leung, Chief Financial Officer

"As a global accountancy body, ACCA not only understands our local needs but also our global ambitions. The high standard ACCA demands from its members around the world, helps us deliver excellence to our customers, wherever they are based."

HSBC Securities Services, Global Banking and Markets
Barry Li, Head of Business Risk / Control Management, Asia Pacific

"ACCA is not just about giving accounting professionals a broad theoretical knowledge, but also the strategic business analysis and advanced risk management skill they need to implement a successful strategy."

JPMorgan Chase Bank
Queen Au-Yeung, International Finance Project Manager

"The fast-paced and dynamic banking sector is an exciting field to work in, and my ACCA Qualification strengthens my potential and leads me to a rewarding career that I am enthusiastic about."

Manulife Financial
Xianji Quan, Assistant Manager, Regional Controllers, Asia

"ACCA is a well-rounded qualification for accounting of any discipline, be it financial reporting, management reporting or performance management. Being qualified makes me feel confident in dealing with tasks of various natures, and helps me move up the career ladder!"

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Tony Bloomfield, Chief Accounting Officer, Asia Pacific

"ACCA takes a strong position on professional ethics, and is committed to nurturing its members to achieve the highest standards of ethical conduct expected of finance professionals."

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Paul Yeung, Director & Head of Business Banking, Singapore

"Obtaining an ACCA Qualification demonstrates your persistence and determination to succeed. The learning process will equip you with invaluable knowledge and professional skills to progress with confidence in the financial world."

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Kenny Cheng, Manager - Business Finance

"Working in an accounting and finance environment is intellectually demanding and interesting. My ACCA study equipped me with the knowledge and skill sets necessary for my work. It puts me at the centre, making a difference to the organisation I work at."

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Jamie Ling, Chief Financial Officer, Hong Kong and North East Asia

"ACCA is a globally recognised designation that represents a high standard of excellence and professionalism."

Corporate & commercial

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited
Morison Chan, Deputy General Manager - Corporate Planning

"With the designation 'ACCA' after your name, it demonstrates your ability to employers worldwide and opens doors to a rewarding and varied career. Our company also recruits ACCA-qualified professionals for their solid finance and accounting knowledge and skills."

Lawrence Lee, Head of Internal Audit

"Excellence and dynamism are always in fashion. ACCA training provided a sound internal control and risk management framework essential for a good corporate governance. We find the globally recognised ACCA Qualification attractive, as it is a perfect fit with an international organisation like ours."

Fairwood Holdings Limited
Margaret Mak, Chief Financial Officer

"If you want a challenging and rewarding career in the accounting and finance industry, it is essential that you get qualified. An ACCA Qualification is a designation of authority and will certainly add value to your CV."

GE Global Growth & Operations, Global HQ
Caroline Wan, Senior Controller

"With the global trend of convergence with the IFRS and ACCA's continued focus on it, gaining the ACCA credential is like receiving a global citizenship in the accounting world."

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Cavan Cheung, Chief Financial Officer

"ACCA's broad range of knowledge in qualifications ensures that we can place the right finance people in the right roles in our organisation."

Hong Kong Television Network Limited
Alice Wong, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

"An ACCA Qualification helps you build a solid foundation to become a trusted business partner in every different corporation."

Hutchison Global Communications Limited
Jennifer Tan, Managing Director

"ACCA is a well-recognised international qualification. It is a testimony to solid professional training and a platform for rapid career development."

Maxim's Caterers Limited
Keith Siu, General Manager - Finance, IT

"It's vital for us to stay ahead of the competition - our ACCA finance professionals are key elements to our success in staying a step ahead with the latest finance knowledge."

Moet Hennessy Diageo Hong Kong Limited
Kelly Chan, Financial Director

"Being equipped with the ACCA Qualification expedites the growth of your career path as it provides you with a solid technical foundation, international mobility and the highest ethical standards."

MTR Corporation
Michael Tse, Investor Relations Manager

"The ACCA Qualification has equipped me with a firm base of accounting and business knowledge and technical skills. It is a designation to be proud of and has helped me progress well in my career."

Orient Overseas (International) Limited
Orient Overseas Container Line Limited
Paul Mok, Group Financial Controller

"The ACCA Qualification is an international accounting qualification; it equips aspiring young accounting professionals with superior technical skills, prepares them to take on key management responsibilities and provides them with a global passport to professional recognition."

Ralph Lauren Corporation Japan
Vic Tan, Chief Financial Officer, Japan

"ACCA members understand international business and local market issues. The broad syllabus that includes tax, audit, consulting and financial advisory ensures that ACCA members are effective wherever they work."

Revlon (Hong Kong) Limited
Eunice Chu, Finance Director - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pacific Export & Travel Retail

"The ACCA Qualification equips you with technical background, solid financial knowledge and international exposure that become the foundation for the progression to senior management."

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
Patrick K.W. Chan, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

"Being a global accounting body, ACCA is well represented by a talent pool of accountancy professionals. I am proud to be a member of this renowned association and shall be glad to work together with other members to continue to promote the development of the accounting profession."

Time Warner
Wayne Lau, Associate Director of Taxes, Asia Pacific

"The ACCA Qualification is a designation to be proud of. It provides a wide range of options within the accounting profession, and helps create a career path in organisations having established a global presence."

United Airlines
Joyce Tang, Senior Manager - Finance & Accounting, Greater China & Singapore

"ACCA is a reputable accounting qualification worldwide. It equips you with superior technical skills and increases your employability around the world."

Government & NGOs

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The Hon Paul Chan Mo-po MH JP, Secretary for Development

"ACCA is a benchmark for quality in the profession. Once you have attained the qualification, you are assured a clear path for your future."

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Chu Yam-yuen, Former Commissioner, Inland Revenue Department

"Obtaining an ACCA membership can take you to the very top."

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Lianna Chi, Treasury Accountant, The Treasury

"Taking the ACCA Qualification provided me with a competitive edge to excel in the business environment of the government sector. This widely renowned qualification helps my career take flight."

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Corina Ho, Executive Officer

"ACCA has a strong global reputation and influence that are well respected worldwide by employers, including the government sector. The qualification has helped me to progress well in my career and I am proud to be a member of ACCA."

The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong
Allan Lee, Financial Advisory Committee Member

"ACCA offers you a forward-looking perspective in the global arena. The qualification upholds the best standard of corporate social responsibility and enhances the competitiveness of ACCA members."

Advice from academics

City University of Hong Kong
Professor Jeong Bon Kim, Chair Professor & Head of Department of Accountancy

"Attaining the ACCA Qualification is an excellent opportunity to enrich your résumé and add value to your credentials - a tremendous asset for you to impress your future employers."

The University of Hong Kong - School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)
Albert Hung, Principal Programme Director & Head of College of Business and Finance

"Accounting is the language of business and the ACCA Qualification proves that you can master this language."

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)
Andy Li, Head, Department of Business Administration

"ACCA - FIA (Foundations in Accountancy) offers various entry points, allowing maximum flexibility for prospective students to select the most appropriate entry route and progression to additional qualifications, based on their previous qualification, experience and future career aspirations."

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr Alice Chui, Assistant Dean and Co-Director of Professional Accountancy Programme, Faculty of Business Administration

"Accountancy is indeed a valuable and challenging career. Accounting professionals do play an important role in every organisation. Obtaining an internationally recognised qualification such as ACCA opens doors to exciting opportunities around the world."

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Jiang Zhaodong, Director of Master of Accountancy Programme (Full-time)

"The ACCA Qualification provides a competitive edge and an international perspective for dedicated students to achieve their career aspirations worldwide."

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Kevin Lam, Associate Professor, Director of Master of Accountancy Programme (Part-time) & Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy Programme, School of Accountancy

"The ACCA Qualification enables you to stay ahead of the competition and anticipate market needs."

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr Simon Leung, Director, Hong Kong Community College

"Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business is an excellent opportunity to add value to your credentials before attaining the ACCA Qualification."

The University of Hong Kong
Dr Derek Chan, Associate Professor & Area Coordinator of Accounting, School of Business

"The ACCA Qualification enables you to succeed in a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers."

Last updated: 5 Mar 2014