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ACCA Hong Kong is pleased to announce new online CPD courses for ACCA members to help meet their professional development needs. These courses are provided in collaboration with three experienced training providers from Hong Kong and the Mainland: the Open University of Hong Kong, Shanghai National Accounting Institute and EasyFinance. 

The OUHK offers courses and modules derived from the courses in the Masters in Law (LLM) in Chinese Business Law, Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Professional Accounting programmes to ACCA members for CPD purposes, in the form of credit bearing courses, non-credit bearing courses and non-credit bearing modules. More details and enrolment procedures can be found by visiting the OHUK website

Former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji encouraged the establishment of the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI). Directly affiliated to and constructed by the Ministry of Finance, the Distance Education Network of SNAI is a key finance and economic website. To meet the CPD needs of ACCA members, the Distance Education Network has established an ACCA online learning platform. More details and enrolment procedures can be found on the SNAI website.



EasyFinance Management Consulting Co Ltd focuses on the distribution of financial management knowledge. The "Financial Studio" provides a series of training opportunities to improve finance team management competence and multi-dimensional communication skills. More details and enrolment procedures can be accessed from the EasyFinance website.

Last updated: 21 Apr 2015