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Areas of accountancy videos

If you are trying to decide if accountancy is the profession for you, this is your opportunity to find out more about each one of the different roles that are available to finance professionals. Or if you're already decided on accountancy but not sure which particular role you want to work towards, you can discover what working in a particular area of accountancy involves.

Achieving ACCA membership means you can work in any type and size of organisation in any sector. Our ACCA members work in a variety of roles, in many different organisations, and some of them have shared their experiences with us.

Watch the videos beneath to discover the types of activities our members' work  in different areas of accountancy involves, including their favourite part of their jobs.

What roles are available to you in accountancy?

If you would like to see a list of roles that would be available to you as a finance professional, please visit the Job Profiles page in the ACCA Competency Framework. Each role listed is linked through to a description of what's involved in the work, which skills are required to do the job and how you can achieve what's required to work in each role.


Last updated: 28 Aug 2014