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Global 16 Oct 2014

Government walks the talk with pro-business budget

ACCA welcomes tax policy initiatives for business which will have positive impact on low and middle income earners…

Global 14 Oct 2014

Innovative ideas for ethics in finance wanted for prestigious prize of USD$20k project funding

The fifth Robin Cosgrove Prize has been launched – entries from those aged 35 and under are wanted…

Global 9 Oct 2014

Financial education for entrepreneurs: how to get it right?

Financial education needs a coordinated and integrated approach and to be taught as early as possible…

Global 9 Oct 2014

New era of collaboration between ACCA and SOEL

ACCA and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece sign high level strategic partnership agreement…

Global 7 Oct 2014

A Lord, a Dame and a Knight to speak at ACCA local government summit

Lord Andrew Adonis, Labour peer and former Minster for Schools and Transport Secretary; Dame Jane Roberts, chair of the New Local Government Network, and Sir Peter Rogers, Chair of Capacity Grid; are among the guest speakers for the second UK Local Government Summit, being held by ACCA …

United Kingdom 7 Oct 2014

Parties should ensure any tax change pledges are not just a popularity contest for the 2015 general election, says ACCA

Politicians face a simple choice – either raise taxes, cut spending or close the 'Tax Gap'…

United Kingdom 6 Oct 2014

HMRC chief quizzed by ACCA global forum on offshore tax evasion penalties

Jim Ferguson, deputy director at HMRC, talks shop with ACCA’s global tax experts …

United Kingdom 2 Oct 2014

Implementing the new audit reform: how to ensure the creation of a new vibrant market focused on quality

The challenge faced now by all stakeholders is implementing the new audit requirements in a consistent and constructive way …

Belgium 1 Oct 2014

Evaluating the impact of IFRS in the EU

Stakeholders discussed at the European Parliament the 6 main themes of the EC consultation on the impact of global accounting standards in Europe - the quality of IFRS, their costs and benefits in Europe, their enforcement and whether there should be changes to the IAS Regulation – and find that, although capable of improvement in a number of respects, IFRS are generally meeting their objectives in terms of capital markets…

Belgium 29 Sep 2014