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Name: Maqbool HMY Al Lawati

Maqbool HMY Al Lawati

Job title: Finance manager

Sector/business area: Natural gas

Size in country: The largest joint venture company in Oman.

Organisation details: Oman LNG is the largest public-private joint venture in the Sultanate of Oman. Natural gas is the largest revenue contributor after oil to the Government of Oman and its people. Through its corporate social responsibility programmes, Oman LNG has established itself as Oman's leading private sector investor in social development and its people. Oman LNG is committed to the transfer and growth of technical, professional and managerial skills amongst its workforce and more broadly throughout Oman.

Sound technical competence, good financial analytical skills, strategic decision-making abilities - just a few of the qualities that Oman LNG demands from its finance professionals.

Finance manager Maqbool Al Lawati explains why ACCA is one of the few preferred professional qualifications that they encourage their finance staff to acquire: 'The main reason is the broad technical coverage the ACCA Qualification provides its students in all financial aspects. We have embedded ACCA in our staff development programme, which basically means that all Oman LNG finance staff are free to join the ACCA program with full financial support from the company.'

Given the current pace of change in Oman LNG's business environment, they are confident that their senior finance managers will benefit both from their extensive internal staff development programme and from ACCA's support.

'Oman LNG gives significance to the continuing professional development of its staff, in all fields of operation. It is important that the ACCA members within the company keep up to date with the latest professional developments', says Al Lawati. 'Oman LNG actively encourages its finance professionals to attend development programmes organised by ACCA.'

But their involvement with ACCA isn't limited to internal activities. Oman LNG supports programmes and events organised by ACCA Muscat throughout the region. Their senior managers often share their knowledge by making presentations at continuing professional development events and the company was recently the exclusive sponsor of a 'train-the-trainer' session.

So what of the future? Al Lawati concludes 'We like ACCA's approach to the development of the profession, as well as their members' development programmes. ACCA will continue to be one of the preferred professional qualifications that Oman LNG wants our staff to hold.'