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PwC China

Name: David Wu

David Wu

Job title: financial services domestic market leader

Sector/business area: Professional services

Size in country: About 10,000 employees

Organisation details: PwC China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan work together on a collaborative basis. Collectively, it has more than 580 partners and 14,000 staff.

PwC China provides organisations with the advice they need, wherever they may be located, solving their business issues and maximising the opportunities they seek. This means that PwC China need highly qualified, experienced professionals who are able to listen to different points of view.

PwC's industry specialisation allows them to co-create solutions with their clients for their sector of interest. China Financial Services Domestic Market Leader, David Wu confirms, 'We look for bright people who have demonstrated excellent leadership, language and interpersonal skills, which may be developed through the vast range of different experiences that we offer.'

'As a professional services firm, we expect our staff to achieve the ACCA Qualification as soon as possible, which in turn helps the firm to deliver high quality professional services,' explains Wu. 'Staff may be seconded to other divisions or departments for a short period to get a better understanding of the work they perform and gain different experience and exposure.' It's a mark of PwC China's dedication to developing their ACCA trainees that they have achieved silver status as an ACCA Approved Employer.

Once qualified, PwC China focuses on continuing professional development for their ACCA people. 'We promote the development of individual careers within PwC China and provide opportunities for transferring to another line of service to gain additional experience,' says Wu. 'And our ACCA members also actively participate in programmes and activities organised by ACCA.'

PwC China and ACCA's relationship extends beyond business. 'We have sponsored ACCA's campus event, a job hunting competition, in mainland China and Hong Kong for four consecutive years. Our partners and managers act as judges and share their valuable experience and advice on career development,' says Wu.