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Saudi Arabia

Internal auditor

United Yousef M Naghi Co, Jeddah

Adnan Qasim

Adnan Qasim

Adnan Qasim was already an affiliate when he gained his current post, that of internal auditor at the United Yousef Naghi Co Ltd. 'I started my finance career while pursuing my ACCA studies,' he explains. 'I first joined an audit firm here in as an auditor and a little over a year later I got the opportunity to further my career by joining my current employer. By that time I had passed my exams and was an affiliate, which was certainly helpful in gaining my current position.'

As an internal auditor, Adnan's responsibilities include reviewing the company's internal controls; reviewing compliance with company policies; assessing the reliability of financial reporting; and the safeguarding of company assets. The job is very different from his previous role in audit: 'Currently, I have to identify weaknesses and give recommendations for improvements, whereas previously I was giving an opinion on financial statements after applying audit procedures,' he explains.

Now an affiliate, Adnan is focused on achieving the work experience required to progress to ACCA membership, and is being helped by a 'very supportive' employer: 'The aim is to enable me to become a fully qualified accountant who can work more effectively for the organisation as a whole,' says Adnan.

'In order to do this, I have a specially appointed line manager who is a qualified accountant and who can continuously guide me and help me complete and review my performance objectives. I have only recently started this process and so I am currently focused on the first objective, to demonstrate the application of professional ethics, values and judgment. If I continue as planned, I hope to become an ACCA member in 2011, which will boost my current career and make me more attractive to potential employers.'

Once an ACCA member however, Adnan does not plan to leave his books behind: 'I want to continue studying in order to keep myself up to date.'

Photograph supplied by Adnan Qasim.