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Fund Valuations Supervisor

Bank of New York Mellon

Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott combines full-time work as a fund supervisor and part-time study for her ACCA Qualification with being captain of her local hockey team.

Q. How would you describe a typical day?

A. I am currently a fund supervisor at the Bank of New York Mellon. I work on a suite of mutual funds, which are domiciled in Luxembourg. These funds trade in a diverse range of securities such as equities, bonds, foreign exchange and derivative securities. I am responsible for the review of five to six daily funds. My day consists of the review of capital activity, trades, income, expenses, corporate action and pricing. Accuracy and timeliness are key areas that we as a team must strive to attain, as the valuations of the funds is released to the financial publications such as The Financial Times daily.

Q. Number one ambition?

A. At the moment my number one ambition is to finish my ACCA Qualification. I have one final exam to go, so the end is in sight. After that, I would like to progress my career within fund valuations in the Bank of New York Mellon.

Q. Will the credit crunch affect your career plans

A. I hope it will not affect them. At the moment, I am still finishing my qualification, so I am hoping that by the time I am qualified the economy will be back on track. As one of the top firms in asset servicing, the Bank of New York Mellon have maintained a good record of promotions throughout the credit crunch so I am confident they will be able to maintain that trend.

Q. Can you achieve a work/life balance? Can you have it all?

A. Yes, I think that I can. As well as working full time and studying part time, I am also a very active person. I play hockey with my local hockey club. This involves training twice a week and playing matches every weekend. This year I was captain of my team, so had the added responsibility of organising the teams for fixtures and attending club committee meetings on a fortnightly basis. I feel having a work/life balance is very important. I firmly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

So playing a team sport is enjoyable and beneficial to both my studies and my working day.

Q. If I wasn't an accountant I would be...

A. A lecturer. Topic of choice would be accounting and finance! During my Masters year at UCC, I gained experience tutoring accounting and finance subjects and loved it. If I had not gone into industry, that is what I believe I would be doing.


Photograph supplied by Michelle Scott.