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Ngoi Se Chai

Ngoi Se Chai

Ngoi Se Chai is studying for an Oxford Brookes University BSc degree and won a prize for the best Research and Analysis Project, which forms part of that qualification.

Q. Why did you want to take the BSc degree?

A. I thought it would be good to get a degree in addition to the ACCA Qualification. I also regarded it as an opportunity to analyse a bank thoroughly.

Q. How do you think it will help your career as an accountant?

A. I think it will help as the degree is well recognised.

Q. What skills have you developed as a result of doing the degree?

A. I now understand the differences between good banks and bad banks, and can also gather, understand, analyse and compile large amounts of information within a short period of time.

Q. Did you experience any challenges while doing the Project?

A. Yes. It was very challenging since I didn't initially have a clue about how a bank operates. It was a steep learning curve.

Q. What was the most interesting aspect of doing the research?

A. Understanding what caused a bank to fail.

Q. What do you think made your project stand out from the others?

A. Perhaps it was my selection of company (a bank) and the detailed comparison that I made.

Q. Have you any advice for other ACCA students wanting to do the degree?

A. If you are going to do the degree, choose something that you have some interest in and try your best to learn something through the process. I would recommend the degree to all ACCA students.


Photograph supplied by Ngoi Se Chai.