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26 Jan 2018Corporate reporting

Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011

Technical document resource for the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011

10 Jan 2018Charity sector

Irish charity sector resource

Irish charity sector, fund raising controls, fundraising policies and principles

8 Jan 2018Auditing and assurance
Policy submissionIreland

Representing members

This page lists recent representation and submissions made by ACCA and CCABI on members behalf

21 Dec 2017Business law

Insolvency practitioner resources

Insolvency practitioners information

2 Nov 2017Business law

Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies – Ireland technical guidance

The CCAB-I ensures that the profession speaks with a single voice and makes it easier for regulatory bodies to deal with our issues. A selection of CCAB-I guidance papers can be accessed from this page.

25 Sep 2017Corporate reporting
Case studyIreland

Financial statements for primary and secondary-level schools

This is a resource page for members’ preparing financial statements for primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland.

11 Sep 2017Business law

Companies Act 2014

Read more about the significant changes in legislation following issue of the Companies Act 2014

10 Aug 2017Business law

Anti-money laundering guidance

Anti-money laundering guidance.

1 Jan 2013Corporate reporting

Credit Union resources

Credit Union guidance on regulatory material, bad debt and the Credit Union Handbook

1 Jan 2011Business management

Professional conduct resources

Professional conduct resources, including a guide covering ACCA's Committee Unit and the Disciplinary Regulatory Committees, and a slideshow presentation on discipline

1 Jan 2010Auditing and assurance

Miscellaneous audit guidance

Audit guidance, including the POBAL Reconciliation Guidance and Directive 2006/43/EC on statutory audits

1 Jan 2010Auditing and assurance

Grant claim forms

Guidance on grant claims procedures and a sample employment auditors certificate