ACCA - The global body for professional accountants

Council monitors ACCA's performance in a range of areas including sustainable growth, effectiveness, member satisfaction and recognition by employers, measuring our progress against targets outlined for 2015.

Members continue to obtain good value from ACCA - with 70 per cent reporting that they were satisfied with membership.

ACCA as the global body for professional accountants

ACCA is increasingly seen as the leading global body for professional accountants. In an independent survey, employers rated ACCA the leading global body more often than any other professional accountancy body.

99 per cent awareness of ACCA among employers sampled (2008: 98 per cent)

48 per cent of employers surveyed believe ACCA is the leading global professional accountancy body (2008: 46 per cent)

Market position

ACCA continues to grow internationally, developing its global infrastructure to ensure service and support are provided close to market.

54 markets where ACCA is the largest international accountancy body (2008: 50)

83 offices and centres in 69 countries (2008: 82 offices and centres)

Member growth

ACCA now has 140,225 members, a 4.6 per cent total increase over 12 months and 6.7 per cent rise over 15 months to March 2010.

140,225 total members (2008: 131,398)

Relevant qualifications and support

67 per cent of members and students believe ACCA provides relevant qualifications and services, with 64 per cent believing ACCA offers value for money. Member satisfaction and retention remain very high but at a time of economic uncertainty we are paying particular attention to ensuring that we offer value to our members.

In 2009, members who had not completed their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement were removed from the register for the first time - a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring that all our members have the skills and knowledge required by today’s employers.

98 per cent of members carrying out CPD (2008: 98 per cent)

8,527 Approved Employers in 112 countries (2008: 8,424)

Financial performance

ACCA's financial position remains strong. Budgets were managed closely in 2009/10 against potential risks stemming from economic conditions and other sources of disruption to examinations. Operational savings were achieved in areas such as publishing, long-haul travel and by managing headcount increases. The total asset base increased from £58m to £96m.

£132.68m operating revenue (2008: £104.08m)

£3m operating deficit (This figures arises from the accounting reference date change. Comparing like for like, ACCA would have had an operating surplus of £3.7m for the 12-month period to December 2009. ACCA's operating surplus in 2008 was £3.4m.)


We aim to invest in our employees so that they are engaged in their work and are committed to our goals and values. We employ a global HR strategy and performance management system and obtain feedback from our employees through an independent annual survey.

75 per cent overall employee engagement index (2008: 74 per cent)

63 per cent female employees worldwide (2008: 62 per cent)

Effective global delivery

In 2009/10 we signed agreements with a range of professional bodies relating to qualifications, research, public advocacy and quality assurance. We also extended our network of examination centres, increasingly working with centres offering online assessment.

77 global accountancy partnerships (2008: 57)

399 exam centres (2008: 360)

212 Approved Learning Partners (2008: 193)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2014