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Check your maths and English skills to see if you're ready to study ACCA.

Complete our self-check modules to test your maths and English skills to see if you’ve got the skills required to start studying ACCA.

It is important that you have basic numeracy skills. You also need good English language skills too because all our exams are assessed in English and it's the international language of business.

The self-check modules are optional and free of charge. You could save time and money by checking your level of ability in English and maths before applying to study ACCA. And it could be just what you need to boost your confidence.

If the results show you are not ready yet, then don't worry. There are free e-learning modules to help you improve your maths skills before you start your ACCA journey. And to improve your English, we've included links to other providers' learning materials.

Please visit ACCA's Virtual Learning Centre to access the English and maths self-check modules.

Last updated: 28 Aug 2014