ACCA has introduced a policy in relation to items with smart technology functionality, such as mobile phones and watches, being taken into an examination hall.

Exam smart technology policy

  1. Examination candidates are not permitted to use mobile phones, electronic communication devices or any item with smart technology functionality in the examination hall. Such items are taken into the examination centre at the candidates own risk. ACCA accepts no responsibility for their loss or damage.
  2. Such items must not be:
    • worn by candidates
    • placed on candidates desks 
    • placed in the pockets of clothing
    • placed in candidates bags or personal belongings
    • placed on the floor, unless placed in a clear plastic bag that will be provided as outlined in point number four
    • kept anywhere else about your person.
  3. Examination candidates who bring a mobile phone, electronic communication devices or any item with smart technology functionality with them to their examination must:
    • declare this to the examination personnel upon entering the examination hall
    • switch the mobile phone or electronic communication device off
    • disable any alarms or notifications set up on watches, or other items.
  4. A clear plastic bag, in which to put these item(s), will be provided to you by the examination personnel. The bag containing the item(s) must be sealed and placed under your chair for the duration of the examination. It can only be retrieved when the instruction to leave the hall is given by the exam centre supervisor. 
  5. Failure to follow this procedure will be considered as a breach of ACCA regulations and will be reported to the Investigations Department. This could subsequently result in disciplinary proceedings being taken against you.

Last updated: 7 Jul 2016