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We are very proud of [our three top achievers] and are pleased to have helped them developed into complete finance professionals that employers will come to value.
—Jennifer Lopez, Head of ACCA Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur – Three Malaysian students emerged as ACCA World Prize winners by recording the highest score in the world for their respective papers in the ACCA examination last December. Loh Jia Ying, Saw Li Jee and Jasreen Kaur A/P Mamohan Singh are three of 15 ACCA global prize winners recognised for their outstanding performance.

Jennifer Lopez, head of ACCA Malaysia, said: “I extend my heartiest congratulations to our three top achievers. Once again, they have put Malaysia on the global map and demonstrated that Malaysian talents are indeed world-class. We are very proud of them and are pleased to have helped them developed into complete finance professionals that employers will come to value.”

Loh Jia Ying (罗佳英) scored the highest marks for ACCA paper P4 (Advanced Financial Management), thereby completing his ACCA examinations on a high note. On top of that, he also achieved the ACCA Top Affiliate for Malaysia award, which recognises ACCA students who scored the highest cumulative marks based on five professional level papers, successfully completed in a single sitting.

Loh shared that it took a moment for the reality of his achievement to sink in, saying, “My family and friends were more excited than I, but now I do feel really honoured and excited. I admit I did set out to score well but I try to do my best for every paper and not get bogged down with the marks.”

Saw Li Jee (蘇立志), who scored the highest marks globally for his ACCA paper F7 (Financial Reporting), shared the same sentiments, saying “Winning a prize is a good bonus for the hard work I have put in. While it motivates me to push on, this also adds pressure for me to score well in my final five ACCA papers.”

Jasreen Kaur A/P Mamohan Singh impressed with her award which she gained while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as an assistant manager in the Advisory division.

“It was difficult balancing study with work but I made sure to keep up with friends and family while still attending classes. I didn’t expect to achieve the top global score but it was a pleasant surprise and felt good that all the effort put into studying is paid off,” said Jasreen, who scored for her paper P1 (Governance, Risk and Ethics).

Globally, almost 195,000 candidates attempted the ACCA examination in December 2013, out of which about 15,000 were students from Malaysia.

Lopez concludes: “These are all demanding exams which must not be underestimated. Our students deserve a great deal of credit, particularly the 7,980 around the world who have completed their final ACCA exams. It’s also pleasing to see that many students who have passed their final papers have also completed their practical experience requirements whilst studying for the exams. Practical experience is an important requirement of becoming an ACCA member, and we look forward to welcoming our new members soon.”

In addition, 13 ACCA and 14 CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) students were also recognised for achieving the highest marks in Malaysia for their papers in the December 2013 exams.

At the ACCA level, the national prize winners are Tan Jing Wen, Shazliza Shazrin Jamaludin, Chong Ka Yee, Loh Wei Tse, Chua Nan Jiuan, Huan Poh Lin, Sharifah Sakinah Syed Noh, Shaun Deanesh, Sherman Yew Dan Ee, Lam Shao Qi, Wong Hey Herng, Clinton Nga Tsing Yi and Chang Hwei Fern.

At the CAT level, the national prize winners are Low Yan Qing, Lee Yi Shien, Cheng Jia Yi, Low Yan Qing, See Suey Phing, Law Chia Ling, Tung Khin Yew, Soo Bee Shin, Teo Wei Xian, Ong Xiao Hui, Yu Wei Chee, Soong Ming Shuan, Nur Hafizah Zakaria, Ho Jing Yi and Ang Synn Teng.

ACCA recognised also the three top ACCA Affiliate for Malaysia, namely Loh Jia Ying, Siti Maryam Kamarulzaman and Thia Yee Leng who ranked first, second and third respectively.