We welcome your participation in the ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA) 2016.

Aim of the awards

  • Give recognition to those organisations which report and disclose economic, environmental and social information in line with sustainability reporting frameworks
  • Encourage the uptake of sustainability reporting
  • Raise awareness of corporate transparency issues.

Focus of the awards

Last year, ACCA MaSRA emphasised on the core elements of sustainability reporting - environmental, economic and social - and rewarding organisations that has integrated these core elements into each component of its value chain and strategies to ensure a more sustainable and inclusive growth of the organisation without compromising environment or jeopardising integrity and the needs of future generations. Organisation should make sustainability parts of its corporate DNA.

This year, we would like to continue imparting these core elements while injecting the principles and frameworks of governance, materiality and stakeholder engagements as laid out in Bursa Malaysia’s new listing requirements and guidelines introduced end of 2015.

Deadline submission for ACCA MaSRA 2016 will be 14 October 2016.

To participate, please complete the accompanying registration form (PDF format, 332kb).

Enquiries and contacts

Vivian Ko

Manager - Policy

Email: vivian.ko@accaglobal.com
Telephone: +603 2289 0129

Ng Pui Nyinn

Senior Executive - Member engagement

Email: puinyinn.ng@accaglobal.com
Telephone: +603 2289 0127