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Strategic Leadership and IR 

12 March 2014

Accountants are increasingly being put at the forefront of resolving organisational issues, some which previously may have been seen as outside their remit of work. Read the article


Sophisticated analytics

04 February 2014

Achieving analytical sophistication is the key for organisations to reap strong benefits from their data


Big Data

26 November 2013

Big data and the future of the global accountancy profession


Digital Darwinism

16 October 2013

This report presents the top 10 technology trends that will have the potential to significantly reshape the business and accountancy landscape.


Drivers of change

13 June 2013

With big changes sweeping the global economy, ACCA has been looking at what the future could look like for the accountancy profession

Other Accountancy futures Articles


Drivers of change | Faye Chua - 30 May 2013

Faye Chua, head of futures research at ACCA, talks about the latest research on the future drivers of change for the accountancy and business community


Drivers of change interview | Ng Boon Yew - 09 April 2013

Ng Boon Yew, chair of ACCA's Accountancy Futures Academy, talks to ACCA about the accountancy futures research Drivers of Change.


Drivers of change: Asia perspective - 15 March 2013

A new report by ACCA shows that companies in the Asia Pacific region are most concerned about cyber terror attacks against their businesses in the future.


Drivers of change: US perspective - 04 March 2013

ACCA's latest research into the top drivers of change shows that cyber-terror fears is the main concern for US companies.

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About accountancy futures

The accountancy futures programme provides ACCA with powerful visions of the future, in response to emerging challenges in a range of areas. It provides a platform to look forward, to tune into the emerging trends and discussions in the global business and policy spheres and the latest reforms facing the world of finance.

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An important part of ACCA's institutional work is to contribute to the debate on technical issues affecting business and accountancy and to represent the interest of its members in relation to the legislation and professional standards that they have to comply with in their work.

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