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The annual ACCA subscription (205 GBP for 2014) is payable on 1 January each year. New members commence paying the annual membership subscription from 1 January following admission. The subscription rate is the same for all members irrespective of status or country of residence.

(Please note that the admission to membership fee is a one-off payment and is totally separate from the subscription fee, which is due and payable on 1 January each year).

Subscription notifications are sent to all members in November. ACCA is a not for profit membership body and we rely on the prompt payment of subscriptions to function as an organisation to promote ACCA accountants globally and to carry out important projects like recognition and e-delivery.

You can pay your ACCA subscription fees in the following ways:

  • by logging into myACCA and paying by Visa (including Delta and Electron), Mastercard or American Express

  • by posting or faxing your card details on the remittance form provided with the annual subscription notification

  • by a crossed sterling cheque, made payable to "The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants". You should write your membership number on the front of your cheque


Please note:

  • Cheques and drafts should be made payable to 'The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' or 'ACCA'. Please ensure you write your membership number on the front of the cheque or draft. (If you are sending us a cheque or draft for a number of students or members, please include a list of those students' or members' names, their ACCA client numbers and how much money should be allocated to each account.)

  • Using other methods of payment such as Sterling cheques drawn by banks outside the UK will mean additional charges. These additional charges will need to be added to the payment. In countries where foreign exchange controls are in force, you are recommended to present payment notifications to your bank well in advance of the due date for payment. Where payment is likely to be delayed by exchange controls, you should send us proof of local payment.

  • To check that a payment has been processed, please visit your myACCA account. Online payments should appear immediately in your account and posted payments after five working days from being received by ACCA. It is important that you tell us if there has been a problem with your payment. Please contact ACCA Connect by phone or email.

  • Your name may be removed from the ACCA register if you do not pay your fees on time.

Watch Helen Brand, ACCA's chief executive, discuss the topic of membership fees at this year's ACCA Engage.

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A number of our national offices have been working in partnership with their local bank to offer a pre-paid card.

The benefits
A pre-paid card will allow you to:

  • pay your ACCA fees swiftly and securely online

  • pay in local currency, without the need to raise bank drafts in GBP and incur foreign exchange and bank charges

  • manage your fees by budgeting in advance

  • You will need to load the pre-paid card with local currency before you can use it. Please note that charges for obtaining the card may apply.

How to apply
For more information and to find out if a pre-paid card is available in your country, please select your country from the related links on the left.

If you cannot find your country's name in the list, don't worry. Pre-paid card schemes are regularly being set up by other National offices. Please revisit this page to find out if a pre-paid card scheme has been set up in your country or contact your local office to find out if they have plans to do so soon.

Payment methods specific to UK members

UK bank account holders can pay the annual subscription by Direct Debit. Payment by direct debit avoids the difficulties that can occur when subscription notifications are mislaid or overlooked. It ensures that payment is made on time and for the correct amount. To pay by this method please complete and return the Direct Debit mandate (in Related Documents below).

Please note:

  • Subscriptions will be collected on or around 1 January each year and similarly in future years 

  • Mandates in respect of the 2014 fee must be received by ACCA no later than 6 December 2013

  • Any other sums owing will not be collected by this method and must be paid separately.

Payment methods specific to members based outside the UK

By sterling bank draft drawn on a UK bank or through Girobank (where available). Membership numbers should be written on the front of bank drafts or British Postal Orders.

In countries where foreign exchange controls are in force, members are recommended to present subscription notifications to their banks well in advance of the due date for payment. Where payment is likely to be delayed by exchange controls, proof of local payment should be forwarded to ACCA.

Payment by mail transfer is not acceptable, except from members resident in Ghana. Members in Ghana are advised to contact ACCA for further advice concerning this payment method.


Last updated: 17 Jan 2014

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