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If your organisation trains ACCA trainees or members, you can apply for ACCA Approved Employer status online.

Becoming an ACCA Approved Employer involves the following simple processes:


Before starting the application process please gather numbers for the following within your organisation:

  • employees
  • directors/partners
  • finance employees
  • ACCA trainees
  • ACCA members
  • CAT trainees
  • CAT holders.

The Approved Employer assessment matrix is part of the application form. Any employer applying to become an ACCA Approved Employer must meet a number of best practice statements relating to the support they provide ACCA trainees and members in the workplace and be able to provide supporting documentation to verify meeting the appropriate standard.

As part of the application process and depending on the stream of approval applied for, employers will be expected to provide contact details of ACCA members and/or ACCA trainees as well as a qualified accountant employed by the organisation with whom the application information can be independently verified. 

Please see the 'Become an approved employer' document below for more information on this process. 

Apply online

The application should only take 15–20 minutes. If you're ready, just click the button on the right.

The clear online instructions will guide you through the application process and once completed, ACCA will contact you to confirm the result of your application. Upon receipt of all necessary documentation to complete your application, an outcome will be sent to you within 4–6 weeks of the documentation being received.

Tip: we recommend using Internet Explorer 8, or above, when completing the application and using the navigation buttons within the application rather than the back and forward browser buttons.

Existing applications

If you have already submitted an application to us, you can track the progress of your application online by clicking on the link in the Related links box in the top left-hand corner of this page.

Last updated: 19 Nov 2014