The global body for professional accountants

With more than one million professional accountants working in positions of strategic or functional leadership for businesses and governments worldwide, accountants and their professional bodies have a central role in protecting the public interest and delivering public value. Delivering public value is, therefore, core to what and how ACCA approaches all that it does.

As a global organisation, ACCA is ideally placed to advise and support the profession, and influence governments, regulators and employers to act in the public interest. We actively campaign for excellence and rigour in practice and encourage research that helps to further the science of accountancy.

At its inception the founders of ACCA were determined to provide access to the profession to all who wished to study accountancy, free from artificial barriers. This remains important to our organisation today, and is a key differentiator for ACCA.

We believe that professional accountants are essential to underpin economic success and build a sustainable future. ACCA promotes the benefits of international trade and access to finance in all sectors, supported by accountants prepared for business. By working with governments, professional bodies and academics, ACCA seeks to build capacity, promote innovation and support emerging economies.

Global standards, regulation and monitoring

From our qualifications, standards and ethics to our licensing, regulation, monitoring and disciplining processes, we ensure that ACCA members adopt the highest standards of practice and ethical conduct to enable them to act in the public interest, in line with the requirements of our Royal Charter.

Our qualifications; standards and ethics; licensing of practitioners; and monitoring and disciplinary processes ensure that high standards and best practice are being encouraged and enforced. 

For our members, delivering public value means not exclusively satisfying the needs of an individual client or employer through their work but also considering the wider impact of their activities on society as a whole, in line with ACCA's ethical code.

The public at large, through access to high quality ACCA members, are the ultimate beneficiaries of all that we do to promote ethics and professionalism.

Last updated: 12 Mar 2015

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