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By 2015, we intend to be a completely customer-centric organisation with a clear division between centralised transactional and support services (that will be provided largely online), with our employees in markets focusing squarely on strategic engagement that will help ACCA continue to grow in reputation, influence and size.

Post 2015, we intend to be delivering all our examinations online, which will see us operating in a new way, with new partners. Aside from the significant operational changes we need to make to achieve this, we need to take account of how the future global landscape might affect ACCA:

  • the continued rise of growth and emerging markets: ACCA will continue to invest in existing and new markets to further its promise of global mobility and relevance. Population growth will drive demand for natural resources which in turn is likely to lead to more volatile capital markets as the costs of commodities and utilities reflect supply and demand
  • globalisation: with any size of business now able to trade internationally, the attraction of a globally-recognised qualification will be strong. However, this is leading to increased competition from other designations and ACCA needs to ensure it continues to lead in this space by responding quickly to market needs and innovating for customers
  • sustainability: a continued and ever more pressing case to manage the earth's resources in a sustainable manner will further influence business paradigms, costs and compliance and the profession will need to respond to this
  • moving online: the increasing influence of the virtual world is likely to impact every sphere of business and society, including business models and the nature of organisations
  • the relevance of professional designations: as distinctions between professions blur, we will need to ensure that professional accountants continue to be valued for their skills, abilities and ethics by both business and society
  • English as a business language: ACCA's success has been facilitated by the acceptance of English as the international language of business. We will need to assess the extent to which English will remain the prime international business language or whether, as economies diversify, other languages will become more primary in international and/or regional business.

We will begin developing ACCA's strategy post 2015 this year, commencing with high-level discussions with Council on our future direction, taking into account these and other global trends.

Last updated: 14 Jan 2014

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