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Becker Professional Education, through its acquisition of ATC International, has been developing and publishing ACCA study materials for over 20 years.  Our student and teaching resources are all written by expert tutors and with the use of innovative and flexible delivery methods you can be assured of the quality, exam focus and state-of-the-art learning tools.

Our ACCA Approved Content materials:

Study System: Gives complete coverage of the syllabus with a focus on learning outcomes.  It is designed to be used both as a reference text and as part of integrated study.  It also includes the ACCA Syllabus and Study Guide,  exam advice and commentaries and a Study Question Bank containing practice questions relating to each topic covered.

Revision Question Bank: Exam style and standard questions together with comprehensive answers to support and prepare students for their exams. The Revision Question Bank also includes past examination questions (updated where relevant), model answers and alternative solutions and tutorial notes.

Revision Essentials*: A condensed, easy-to-use aid to revision containing essential technical content and exam guidance.
*Revision Essentials are substantially derived from content reviewed by ACCA’s examining team.

Using our online learning platform, students can download materials and study offline, study via our web-based software or via printed materials.  

Approved Teaching Resources

In addition to Approved Student Materials, Becker provides a comprehensive set of teaching materials to support lecturers in the preparation and delivery of their ACCA courses including:

· Guidance documents on both delivering ACCA courses and using Becker’s      materials

· Lesson Guidance and Revision Guidance to help structure programmes

· Mock Exams


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All Becker's ACCA approved materials will carry one (or all) of the logos below:


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