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The belt and road initiative - 17 July 2017

This report provides an overview of China’s ambitious Belt and Road (B&R) initiative, drawing from various sources internationally as well as from within China.

Emerging from the shadows the shadow economy to 2025 - 29 June 2017

This study provides a comprehensive view of emerging shadow economy (SE) factors and possible evolution of the SE. In addition to the above, this research also considers the role of the accountancy profession around the world as the SE evolves.

Professional accountants - the future: generation next - 22 November 2016

The report shares insights on the work preferences and career aspirations of the youngest generation in accounting and finance today.

Embracing change. Shaping futures

Through our qualification, we’re developing dynamic professional accountants who are strategic forward-thinkers, who thrive in a world of technological change and globalisation.

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