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Council is ACCA's primary governance body. Council members are volunteer custodians, elected from, and by, ACCA's membership, to provide overall stewardship as to ACCA's well being.

What do the Council members do?

Council members act on behalf of the whole ACCA membership and are responsible for ensuring that ACCA's development continues in line with its stated mission and values.

By doing this, Council has an important public value role, being ultimately responsible for safteguarding ACCA's reputation, image and brand to ensure that these are protected and improved for the benefit of our members and future members, their clients, employers and the public at large.

Council responsibilities

ACCA Council has a wide ranging remit that includes:

  • ensuring that ACCA operates in the public interest and delivers the objectives stated in our Royal Charter
  • setting the overall direction of ACCA through regular approval of ACCA strategy
  • engaging with ACCA members to explain and promote ACCA's strategic direction
  • providing an objective environment for the executive team to explore new ideas or challenges.

Council and the executive team collaborate in order to devise ACCA's strategy which is then approved by Council. Delivery of strategy is the responsibility of the executive team, with governance of the process and performance management provided by Council.

Last updated: 10 Jun 2015

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