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Chris Brome

Chris Brome

Studies: Joined ACCA in 1998, completed his final exams in December 2000 and achieved membership in 2001.

Career at a glance: 14 years' experience working mainly in financial advisory services in Barbados, the Bahamas and Canada in offshore banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, hospitality, tourism and leisure, oil and gas, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Hobbies: 'Liming' (hanging out) with friends and playing the piano.

Having enjoyed working for a Big Four firm in Barbados, Canada and the Bahamas - across a broad range of industries - it is little wonder that Chris Brome FCCA, a senior manager at KPMG, can't think of anything else he'd rather do.

'I really enjoy travelling and exploring new places ,' says Chris. 'I love to experience new cultures and people, and fortunately my current job has afforded me travel to a number of places across Europe, North America and the Caribbean .' Originally from Barbados, Chris studied for a degree in computer science and accounting from the University of the West Indies. 'I chose subjects in my degree that closely followed the ACCA syllabus so that when I registered with ACCA my degree studies would be recognised and I could gain maximum exemptions. As a result, I only had to sit seven exams with ACCA.

'I joined KPMG Barbados in 1998 and started my ACCA studies. I found that a combination of self study, group study and revision classes worked best for me.' Chris completed his final exams two years later and achieved membership the following year. 'As I was working while I was studying I was able to put my studies into context. This meant my work helped me understand the theory and I found that I could immediately put into practice what I was learning in my studies. It also helped that I was earning while I was learning.'

Chris's decision to study ACCA still required careful thought: 'Be aware of the uncertainty, but inspired by the possibility,' is his advice. 'As you consider whether or not to pursue an ACCA Qualification there may be tremendous doubt in your mind about registering and whether or not you will pass the exams. But if you look past that, you can be really inspired by the possibilities that are almost immediately created.'

Chris's achievements, including being top student in two subjects, wee recognised at work through enhanced remuneration and promotion. It also enhanced his ability to manage relationships with clients. 'I was invited to travel to in 2002 where I started to work in the financial advisory services area. By 2003 I was an assistant manager. But I continued to have a keen interest in corporate finance. And I maintained contact with colleagues in the Caribbean.' In 2004, Chris returned to Barbados. Two years later he was promoted to manager and was working on transactions up to US$370m, for which he enjoyed a secondment to the Bahamas.

He is now a senior manager at KPMG in in the corporate finance area and has experience of working across a number of industries. 'What I most enjoy is that no two days are the same. I get satisfaction from seeing a completed assignment in the form of a report, and from that report your client taking action based on what you've advised. It's also about working with a good team of individuals on a project.

'Working in a Big Four firm like KPMG provides variety - both in terms of the people and companies that you get to work with - and you can expect to enjoy upward, global and cross-functional mobility. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. And there's one thing my job will never be - dull.'