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Credit analyst

China Construction Bank

Chris Tang

Chris Tang

Studies: Chris completed his CAT exams in 2000 and achieved his ACCA Qualification in 2005. Through his studies he also achieved a degree - graduating with a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and Master of Finance from Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

Career at a glance: Eight years at a listed bank in Hong Kong, including six years in a management role and joined China Construction Bank in 2010.

Hobbies: Going to the movies, spending time with family and friends, and travelling.

It's Chris Tang's ambition to be a chief credit analyst or portfolio manager in his bank and he is already well on his way to achieving it. 'I started my CAT Qualification studies while I was doing a four-year honours programme at what is now known as Hong Kong Shue Yan University,' explains Chris. 'Just over four years later not only had I attained the CAT Qualification but I'd also successfully completed the ACCA Qualification and got a degree from a prestigious UK university - all with ACCA.'

Embarking on his studies, Chris's aim was to take at least two exams every six months. 'Sometimes I managed to complete four papers in a six-month period - which was great progress - especially as I chose self-study,' says Chris. But he decided to maximise his chances of passing his ACCA Qualification exams by attending an ACCA Approved Learning Partner. 'I was one of the first students to complete the CAT Qualification back in 2000,' Chris says proudly. 'The skills I acquired helped me to rapidly advance my career from a support role into management.'

Chris is now a credit analyst at China Construction Bank and before that he worked for another listed bank for eight years. 'As well as my role at China Construction Bank I am also a senior lecturer for students taking ACCA Qualification exams,' explain Chris. 'I'm proud to have taught students who have been awarded prizes from ACCA for achieving top marks.'

'The job prospects for accounting professionals are bright,' says Chris. 'CAT and ACCA are recognised worldwide and are regarded as premium business qualifications. They cover the essential skills needed to understand the financial activities and performance of a company and allow students to make sense of different aspects of business so they can prepare themselves to take up further challenges in the future.'