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Manager, finance and accounts

Orient Electronics (Pvt) Ltd

Fawwad Raza

Fawwad Raza

Route to ACCA membership:

2008    KPMG Pakistan, began ACCA studies in December

2011    Completed ACCA exams in June

2011    Became an ACCA member in December  

To progress in your career you have to become an ACCA member,’ says Fawwad. ‘It not only increases your value in the eyes of your employer, but also opens up new career opportunities both at home and abroad as you are eligible for many more positions if you are a member of a professional accountancy body. In addition, I also feel that my current work has gained greater recognition, and my efforts appreciated more, now that I am an ACCA member.’

Fawwad was inspired to enter accountancy by his brother, also a professional accountant, although he already knew that he had an interest in finance: ‘In my family I lived with both legal and financial professionals,’ he explains, ‘but I had always been interested in the financial aspects of any project, and knew that accountancy was a profession which could help me learn much more about business dynamics.’

Fawwad started his ACCA studies at KPMG Taseer Hadi Khalid & Co, in Lahore. ‘At KPMG I had an excellent opportunity to learn about and analyze different businesses,’ comments Fawwad. ‘KPMG was very supportive of my ACCA studies,’ he adds, ‘and as my work experience was gained while I studied, it meant that I could quickly progress to membership when I completed my exams, a few years later.’

To diversify his work experience, Fawwad chose to leave KPMG after four years to work for a leading construction company, before moving on again to join his current employer, Orient Electronics, a leading manufacturer of domestic appliances. ‘Working in different industries gave me exposure to different business models,’ he says, ‘and also an understanding of how to apply different accounting standards in complex, real time situations.’

Now an ACCA member, Fawwad is enjoying his new status: ‘It is a great feeling to have attained a goal that requires a lot of hard work, and which is also very challenging. ACCA membership provides a real sense of accomplishment, and I feel honoured to now be a professional accountant.’ Not surprisingly, Fawwad is keen to encourage current ACCA affiliates to gain membership as quickly as they can: ‘Completing your exams is one step, but you need to become a member to take your career to the next level, and once you have achieved membership, the additional knowledge you gain through CPD is very valuable. Above all, I consider my ACCA membership to be a real ‘feather in my cap’, and an achievement which will benefit me not only financially but also socially.’