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Andreas Papadopoulos CertIA, manager ā€“ audit, PwC, Greece

Formal recognition

During my career in audit, I have searched for a course which would update my knowledge of international standards on auditing (ISA), and provide me with formal recognition for doing so. I also needed a course that would be delivered in an effective and user-friendly way, through distance learning and online assessment.

I think it is very important for professional accountants and auditors to study ISA. The knowledge and skills you gain by studying these standards are necessary for achieving the best performance everyday in your work. Strong knowledge of ISA also contributes to the promotion and respect of the auditing profession, which nowadays faces a number of global challenges.

Flexible and up to date
The whole CertIA course and assessment was very useful to me, and I found I could easily apply what Iā€™d learnt to my daily auditing tasks at work. Despite the fact that I already had experience in ISA, the clear and structured case studies, examples and questions in the course were helpful in reinforcing and adding to this. But being able to apply my knowledge in reality to a business situation was the main advantage of the course.

The whole course had been very recently updated by ACCA, so I found it very up to date. It included all current changes and modifications of the ISAs. The course material had clearly mentioned current changes for every auditing standard, and reflected updated content of the revised and re-drafted ISAs. 
The online course and assessment meant I had the flexibility to manage my study around my work and leisure time. I got to decide when I took the final online assessment, which was important to me. It meant I could consider how I had progressed in my study, without having the pressure of an exam deadline.

Global recognition
I would strongly recommend studying for CertIA. Now that I have this certificate, I have formal recognition for my specific knowledge among my colleagues and supervisors. For those who are new to ISA, the course is a great opportunity to understand how they are implemented and used around the world. For more experienced professionals, this course will refresh their knowledge and they will gain a qualification with global recognition.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2014