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Ludovic Magic, financial controller, Assetco Management Pty Ltd, Australia

A great professional advantage
I felt that this qualification would give me a great professional advantage. Achieving it gave me a sense of security and confidence, both in terms of my everyday job and in my greater career prospects. I think that having the Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) opens many doors. It is a well-recognised qualification provided through a world-class organisation and is an attractive feature on an aspiring professional’s resume.

The world of accounting continues to move towards international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are becoming redundant. Accounting professionals need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that enable them to operate in a global society.

Completion at my own pace
The course itself is very up to date and keeps pace with ever-changing accounting standards. At any point in time the course gives you the right knowledge to be comfortable with IFRS.

I self-studied the course over a period of six months, whilst I worked full time. This method of study didn’t provide the support of a tuition provider and required a greater amount of motivation and self-discipline. However, it allowed me to follow the course at my own pace and in a time that best suited my lifestyle. The choice to self-study is a highly personal one and I would recommend it for those people who can sustain the prolonged commitment that is required.

Having the required technical knowledge
When I came to Australia, both the ACCA Qualification and DipIFR were very important qualifications that allowed me to start with Deloitte Melbourne as a Senior Analyst. Shortly after, I was promoted to Client Manager. This demonstrated that I had the technical knowledge required at that level, which I gained through both qualifications. I also used DipIFR to count towards my continuing professional development (CPD) as an ACCA member. I would highly recommend this qualification to people who are serious about deepening their technical knowledge about IFRS.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2014