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Natasha Hardie, process and controls analyst, Britannia Operator Ltd, UK

More internationally focused
I love learning new areas in finance, and am particularly interested in audit and compliance. So when I saw that ACCA did this course I decided to take it.

I did not pick audit as an optional paper in the ACCA exams, and so this was my first time studying international standards in audit (ISA). I think it’s becoming more and more important to learn about international accounting and auditing standards as the business world is becoming more internationally focused.

Easily accessible online
Despite the fact that I am an experienced auditor, I found the certificate very interesting, and I learned a lot. I found it relevant topically to current issues in the accounting and auditing sector. All the information I needed was easily accessible online, without having to flick through many different books. And when I did the assessment, I found out straight away that I had passed.

I am an ACCA member, and so I used CertIA to count towards my continuing professional development (CPD) requirement for the year. When I completed CertIA, I then attended three ACCA conferences. This combined with reading my membership magazines meant I achieved my CPD for this year and next.

Competitive advantage
Completing this certificate demonstrates to prospective employers that I am a qualified accountant who truly understands audit.  It’s a difficult time in the job market, and I think successfully completing CertIA has given me a competitive advantage. If you want to study audit, CertIA is perfect.  It will give you a solid grounding in ISA and can be completed in a short period of time.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2014