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Becoming an Approved Learning Partner

To become an Approved Learning Partner, you are expected to demonstrate that you meet challenging performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of ACCA course tuition and support.

To become an Approved Learning Partner you must be teaching at least one of the ACCA qualification and be able to demonstrate your success.

For detailed information about the performance targets, please download the Approved Learning Partners Handbook (PDF format, 184KB)

Minimum ACCA tuition provision

The following table shows the minimum ACCA tuition provision that providers must offer in order to be eligible for each level of approval:

Approval levelACCA
GoldAny of ACCA's qualifications - ACCA Qualification or Foundation level qualification (for a minimum of 1 session / 6 months)
PlatinumRunning a minimum of 8 papers annually from the ACCA Qualification, which must include all Professional Essentials and 2 Options

Qualifying for approval

To qualify for Gold or Platinum approval, learning providers must offer full-time or part-time face-to-face tuition or an equivalent distance-learning, E-Learning or blended learning course. In reviewing an application, ACCA will take into account:

  • the style of tuition
  • the duration of the course
  • the timing of the course in relation to the exams

Please note that revision courses are considered in the approval process, but approval cannot be given on revision courses alone.

Platinum approval

To be considered for Platinum approval, learning providers must already be Gold approved and, in addition to the performance targets that have been demonstrated to attain Gold approval, they must also meet ACCA's Platinum performance targets and Platinum pass-rate targets over two consecutive sets of exam results. 

Performance assessment criteria

When applying for approval, learning providers are assessed against ACCA's performance targets which are detailed in the performance assessment matrix, which can be found in the Approved Learning Partner Handbook. The Handbook can be downloaded from the 'Related documents' section of this page.

Learning providers are given flexibility in how they demonstrate achievement of each target and are invited to relate targets to their institution to give insight into their individual practice. ACCA welcomes diversity and innovation in all areas of institution management and course delivery.

The performance targets are assessed in two parts: Part 1 - Institution management and Part 2 - Course management and delivery. A number of assessment elements have been identified in each of these main areas and the performance targets are grouped within these elements.

Performance targetsAssessment criteria
Part 1 - institution management✔ Retention
✔ Terms and conditions
✔ Complaints procedure
✔ Customer service
✔ Study environment
✔ Financial viability
Part 2 - course management and delivery✔ Tutors
✔ Student feedback
✔ Teaching/study programme
✔ Student support and advice
✔ Course review
✔ Promotional materials

Last updated: 5 Jul 2016

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