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The ACCA Competency Framework is an online, interactive tool which demonstrates the different competencies developed through all elements of the ACCA Qualification (exams, ethics module and experience requirement), linking these competencies to jobs in finance. It is a valuable tool to illustrate how ACCA members are complete finance professionals and have a comprehensive skill set to work in a variety of accounting and finance roles.


Encourage your existing students and potential students to start using the ACCA Competency Framework to help map their career in accountancy and finance.

Potential students

For potential students who want to know what it’s like to work in finance, the ACCA Competency Framework allows them to search under ‘sector’ or ‘job profiles’. This will show them the range of roles available to them by choosing a career in accountancy, as well as offering some direction on what they can work towards with the ACCA Qualification. It also demonstrates how through a complete syllabus the ACCA Qualification offers them the opportunity to become a complete finance professional that can work their way to the top of an organisation.

ACCA students

If your existing ACCA students want to know the competencies they are achieving through studying the ACCA Qualification and how these link to their career, they should use the ACCA Competency Framework by searching ‘ACCA Qualification’ or ‘sector’. It will show them how ACCA relates to specific jobs and different business sectors, helping them identify which performance objectives they should be getting signed-off by their workplace mentor.


Last updated: 29 Jan 2014