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A world tour of integrated reporting

A world tour of integrated reporting - 12 September 2012

‘Progress towards the adoption of integrated reporting around the world may be mixed, but momentum continues to build’ says ACCA’s Rachel Jackson.

Corporate reporting

Re-assessing the value of corporate reporting - 12 April 2012

1 January 2012 This report summarises research that ACCA carried out with investors to get their views on whether they still valued the annual report and what they needed from it.

Corporate reporting

CFO and Investor Perspectives on Global Reporting Standards - 12 April 2012

1 October 2011 This report canvasses the views of both CFOs and investors globally to gauge their appetite and views on global standards for reporting.

Corporate reporting

Narrative Reporting | Research & Insights | ACCA Global - 01 April 2011

Predicting an uncertain future reviews the state of risk and business forecast information disclosure in narrative reporting.

The importance of global standards

The Importance of Global Standards - 31 March 2011

This paper outlines the benefits of global reporting standards and describes research that ACCA has carried out that confirms their value.


Writing the narrative - 01 January 2011

This report examines the extent to which narrative reporting adds to the value of annual reports and suggests ways in which this value could be enhanced.


Integrated reporting: a framework for the future - 01 January 2011

Watch Integrated reporting: a framework for the future to hear an overview about integrated reporting from the deputy chairman of the Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC).

Hitting the notes but what's the tune?

Hitting the notes but what's the tune? - 01 September 2010

ACCA in partnership with Deloitte, presents the views of CFOs in a number of leading companies around the world on the challenges of narrative reporting.


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The future of corporate reporting is currently the subject of considerable debate. Financial reporting standards have been criticised for over-complexity and requiring more and more disclosures, sparking accusations that reports are too long and not fit for purpose.

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An important part of ACCA's institutional work is to contribute to the debate on technical issues affecting business and accountancy and to represent the interest of its members in relation to the legislation and professional standards that they have to comply with in their work.

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