Now that we are running four exam sessions per year, you can enter for two consecutive exam sessions at the same time. So if you plan ahead you can always take advantage of the lowest exam rates.

Planning your exam schedule can save you money

There are many advantages to planning your exam schedule in advance.  With good planning and preparation, it can help structure your study time and maximise your chances of success in the exams.

With dual session booking there’s now another benefit… you can save money on your exam fees!  We know from our student research that many students plan to take exams at consecutive exam sessions (March and June for example).  If you are one of these students, you can now enter for BOTH these exam sessions at the same time!  This means you only ever have to pay the early entry exam rate if you plan ahead.

How dual session booking works

You can always be entered for two consecutive exam sessions at a time.  This means that:

  • If you are not currently entered for any exams, you can enter for the next two exam sessions.
  • If you are entered for one session or waiting on your exam results, you can enter for the following subsequent exam session.
  • As with all exam entries, you can amend or withdraw your exam entry up until the standard deadline with fees being credited back to your myACCA account - if applicable
  • Consecutive exam sessions refers to two adjoining exam sessions, for example March and June, not March and September

Progression rules

If you use dual session booking, progression rules will take into account both exam entries and treat them as one.

For example, you could enter for F8 and F9 for the September exam session, and P1 and P2 for the following December exam session at the same time using Dual Session booking. Once the exam entries have been accepted, any subsequent results from the September session will not affect the exam entry for the December session.

Entering for the same exam

You are not able to use dual session booking to book the same exam at consecutive sessions. Therefore, you can only schedule a re-take exam following the publication of results from the first sitting.

How to make sure you can always take advantage of dual session booking

If you plan ahead you can enter for exams during the early entry period and make sure you pay the lowest rates.  All of our exam opening and deadline dates can be found on our exam dates page and you can use our Exam Planner to help schedule your exams.

Last updated: 14 Mar 2016