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Paper F2

Ratio analysis
This article will focus on measures of financial performance and will detail the skills and knowledge expected from candidates in the Paper F2/FMA exam.

Fixed overhead absorption
Objective testing questions involving the under or over absorption of overhead and fixed overhead volume variances commonly cause difficulties for F2/FMA candidates. This article looks at a graphical explanation of fixed overhead absorption.

Effective presentation and communication of information using charts
This article looks at the variety of chart types and the features that make a particular chart type appropriate for the type of data being presented. Some useful tips on presentation are also provided, together with guidance on interpreting the data presented in the charts.

Re-apportionment of service cost centre costs
This article looks at the various methods of re-apportioning service cost centre costs.

Cash budgets
A company needs to produce a cash budget in order to ensure that there is enough cash within the business to achieve the operational levels set by the functional budgets.

Process costing
This article looks at the process costing method, which is used mainly in manufacturing where units are mass-produced through one or more processes. 

Stock control
The theory and the practicality of stock management and control.

Study support videos

Paper F2/FMA MTQ advice
Andrew Mower from Kaplan discusses the new format of the Paper F2 exam taking effect in 2014, and looks at how to tackle the new multi-task questions (MTQs).
Cannot access Youtube? Watch it here

Accounting for labour
Andrew Mower from Kaplan looks at tackling an exam question on accounting for labour, focusing on direct and indirect labour, remuneration methods, labour turnover and labour ratios.
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Advice for students retaking exams
This video is about turning your exam fail into a pass at your next attempt. It suggests ways to reflect on where you went wrong, how to draw up an effective study plan, and practising exam questions.

Syllabus updates

Changes to the ACCA Qualification and Foundation level in 2015–16
This article explains the planned updates to the ACCA Qualification syllabuses taking place as part of the process of continuous syllabus refreshment and improvement.

Examiner's guidance: Changes to the structure of Paper F2/FMA
A new exam format will be introduced for Paper F2/FMA from 26 February 2014 for the computer-based exam (CBE) and from June 2014 for the paper-based exam. The purpose of this article is to brief candidates on points to bear in mind when attempting the new style of questions in Section B of the exam.

Exam changes from February 2014 to August 2015
The article summarises the rationale for the latest qualification developments to the Foundation level and Knowledge papers, indicating which syllabuses are affected and when, outlining specifically which areas are being amended.

Exam technique

How to answer multiple-choice questions
Answering MCQs successfully requires you to develop a range of skills and exam techniques. Taking the steps set out in this article will help you to maximise your marks.

Computer-based exam technique
This article highlights the benefits of ACCA’s computer-based exams (CBEs), outlines how we have improved the CBE experience to make it even more intuitive for you and also provides some guidance on how to approach a CBE.

How to prepare for Knowledge module exams
This article identifies some key steps in preparing Knowledge module exams and briefly discusses the wide range of resources available on the ACCA website, provided as guidance for students.

Exam support resources

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