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ACCA's Tuition Provider Directory is an online directory of tuition providers who teach any of ACCA's qualifications. You can search the list by tuition provider name, location, qualification, course type or any combination of these criteria.

The tuition providers you will find on the Tuition Provider Directory include:

  • Approved Learning Partners (Platinum / Gold):  ACCA's Approved Learning Partners are tuition providers who have demonstrated that they can meet a range of challenging performance targets set by ACCA. Gold and Platinum approvals are granted only to high-quality tuition providers whom ACCA is confident to recommend to you.
  • Subscribers to ACCA's Tuition Provider Directory: These tuition providers are currently working towards achieving ALP status. Subscribers to ACCA's Tuition Provider Directory do not hold formal approval and the quality of tuition that you may receive from these tuition providers cannot be guaranteed by ACCA.

To guarantee a quality learning experience, ACCA strongly recommends that you choose to study with one of our Approved Learning Partners. These can clearly be identified by the Approved Learning Partner Platinum and Gold logos.

Watch our video and find out the benefits of studying with one of our Approved Learning Partners.

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Last updated: 2 Jun 2014