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You can download supporting documents to help you with the practical experience requirements (PER) from this page. Our FAQs on the PER can be also be accessed from the 'Related links' section.

The PER quick guide is a good introduction if you're new to PER and haven't starting to think about how to gain or record your practical experience.

It gives you an overview of what PER is and the steps you'll need to take to complete it.


The PER guide has everything you need to know about the practical experience requirement. It includes detailed information on:

  • what to do if you are studying full time
  • how to get the right type of experience
  • what a practical experience supervisor does, and 
  • how to target performance objectives.

The Performance Objectives booklet provides guidance on each performance objective, how to achieve them, examples of relevant workplace activities and which exam each performance objective links to.

This booklet contains useful information to help your practical experience supervisor support you - make sure you provide this to them.

You can use this booklet to familiarise yourself with the practical experience supervisor role. The booklet outlines what's involved as well as the personal and professional benefits that come with being a practical experience supervisor.

If you work for an Approved Employer who holds trainee development at Gold or Platinum level ensure that this form is completed and returned to ACCA when:

  • you leave the Approved Employer during your training, or
  • you meet the requirements for membership.

    We will update My Experience to show the performance objectives you have achieved while with the Approved Employer.


Last updated: 18 Apr 2018