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9 Mar 2018Financial management
ReportHong Kong

Hong Kong's Automated Future – An RPA Guide for Finance Functions

KPMG China and ACCA Hong Kong joint report looking at the current state of automation technologies in Hong Kong, with a particular focus on RPA implementation within finance functions.

4 Dec 2017Financial management

The race for relevance - technology opportunities for the finance function

This report explores the opportunities and challenges that technology presents for the future CFO function in the face of extraordinary digital change impacting businesses. The report shares insights from leading executives across the world on the technologies changing the face of the finance function, and examines how finance can harness the explosion in digital capabilities to help drive long term corporate value.

4 Oct 2017Financial management

The economic benefits of the modern silk road: the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

ACCA and Pakistan-China institute study the opportunities and challenges the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) bring to Pakistan and professional accountants in the country.

5 Sep 2017Financial management

Far east to wild west: demand and supply in the new gas landscape

A report that summarises key issues facing finance professionals in the gas sector

22 Apr 2016Financial management
ReportUnited Kingdom

Britain's debt

This report examines household financial resilience, and its links with income, credit use and over-indebtedness

17 Feb 2016Financial management
ReportUnited Kingdom

State of the non-profit finance function

This report was developed to provide insight into an important, yet often neglected, aspect of the non-profit sector: the finance function.

9 Sep 2015Financial management

The robots are coming? Implications for financial shared services.

This report draws on the expertise of ACCA’s finance transformation, shared services and outsourcing advisory group to provide a range of perspectives on the future of automation and the use of robotic software in the finance function.

14 Apr 2015Financial management

Tomorrow’s finance enterprise

This report investigates the key influences shaping the future role of the CFO and tomorrow’s finance enterprise.

31 Mar 2015Financial management

Canadian CFO Sentiment Study - March 2015

Canadian finance executives are showing great confidence in the US market in 2015, however when it came to their views on the domestic or global economy, most took the middle ground.

4 Dec 2014Financial management

Finance transformation roles: pathways to CFO

This report asks a simple question: are finance shared service and transformation roles valuable in the career path to becoming a CFO?

8 Sep 2014Financial management

Financial insight: challenges and opportunities

This joint report from ACCA and IMA suggests ways the finance function can improve current approaches to business partnering.

29 May 2014Financial management

Transformation challenges in finance

This report considers the challenges CFOs face by finance transformation and suggests a number of good practices that organisations can follow in transforming their finance operations.

22 Apr 2014Financial management

The smart finance function in today’s complex world

This paper outlines ACCA’s smart finance function campaign, launched in April 2014. The campaign showcases the good practices, challenges and opportunities that corporate finance functions face in ‘working smarter’.

1 Apr 2014Financial management

Tomorrow's finance enterprise

This report seeks to answer the question, what are the key influences shaping the future role of the CFO and tomorrow’s finance enterprise?

17 Mar 2014Financial management

Finance leaders survey report: September 2013

This report presents the results of the third of a series of surveys that ACCA and IMA conduct every six months to track how finance issues are evolving.

28 Jan 2014Financial management

Is finance function technology delivering on its promise?

This report discusses the current use of technology in finance shared services and outsourcing. It considers the extent to which technology is changing the face of finance delivery and providing value for the organisation.

25 Oct 2013Financial management

Global business services: a game changer for the finance organisation?

This report discusses the implications of global business services for the finance function. It considers the extent to which GBS will significantly change the remit and nature of today’s finance organisation.

27 Sep 2013Financial management

Future pathways to finance leadership

This report looks at how the future role of the CFO is expected to evolve, and the career experiences likely to be of most benefit to next generation CFOs.

24 Sep 2013Financial management

Finance leaders survey report: June 2013

ACCA and IMA, June 2013. This is the second of a series of surveys that ACCA and IMA conduct every six months to track finance leaders' views on key issues.

22 Apr 2013Financial management

Talent and capability in global finance functions

This report uses detailed case studies to present insights from leading organisations on the challenges, solutions and opportunities for talent management in today’s global finance function.

1 Mar 2013Financial management

Building your financial capabilities: a guide for growing businesses

This guide is an essential tool for setting up and managing good financial management practices for small businesses. It outlines the systems and tools needed by the start up business, and continues through to the needs of the growing business developing more sophisticated financial capabilities.

1 Dec 2012Financial management

Finance leaders survey report: December 2012

ACCA and IMA, December 2012. This report presents the results of a survey of finance leaders jointly commissioned by ACCA and IMA. It outlines views on six key issues: 1. current priorities in the finance function; 2. the effectiveness of the finance function; 3. finance function challenges; 4. the importance of different skills; 5. identification of key stakeholders; 6. how finance leaders apportion their time. This is the first of a series of surveys that ACCA and IMA will conduct every six months to track how these finance issues are evolving.

1 Nov 2012Financial management

The changing role of the CFO

Jamie Lyon and Raef Lawson, November 2012. This report discusses the future of the finance function, and in particular the future role of the CFO. It draws on discussions from the ACCA Accountants for Business Global Forum, as well as insights from ACCA–IMA roundtables held in Shanghai, New York, Moscow and Zurich in 2012, which discussed the way in which the role of finance leadership is evolving.

1 Sep 2012Financial management

Talent management in a shared services world: 2012 survey

This report provides results from one of the largest-ever surveys on talent management practices across the global finance profession. It provides some simple data points on the current state of talent management activities from global finance functions that have adopted shared service centres. Over 1,200 finance functions with shared service centres responded to this survey.

4 Jul 2012Financial management

Confidence accounting: a proposal

A consultation to discuss the problem of uncertainty inherent in many of the values in a set of accounts.

1 May 2012Financial management

Finance leaders on sourcing success

This report presents the results of a global survey of finance leaders on the aims and effectiveness of finance shared services and outsourcing programmes. It explores the initial drivers behind adopting finance shared services and outsourcing finance operations, considers how these are evolving, and the success of current approaches.

1 Jan 2012Financial management

Finance transformation: expert insights on shared services and outsourcing

Jamie Lyon and Deborah Kops, January 2012. This report presents insights from global experts of companies at the forefront of finance transformation activity. It explores the issues, challenges and opportunities facing businesses transitioning to new finance models to improve business performance.