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Looking to develop your people and balance your training budget? ACCA provides a wealth of continuing professional development (CPD) resources, all of which represent excellent value for money (in fact, many are free of charge).

Complying with CPD requirements doesn’t mean your ACCA members have to spend valuable time away from the office on traditional training courses. We recognise work-based learning activities such as mentoring, coaching and networking as contributing towards CPD.


We have worked with some of our global CPD partners to provide you with exclusive CPD offerings that your organisation and employees can benefit from.

These multi-licences will help you save money while ensuring your finance professionals meet their CPD requirements, reach their full potential and continue to be invaluable assets for your organisation.

We have the following licences available:




We realise that often our members’ careers lead them beyond the area of finance and accounting.

To reflect this, we have forged a number of partnerships with professional bodies and academic institutions to offer qualifications ranging from a global MBA to an MSc in Public Policy and Management. Read more about our partner qualifications

My Development


My Development contains a wealth of resources such as online courses, articles, free learning, e-books and much more to help members meet their annual CPD requirements. It also contains guidance and support as to what CPD is, what type of learning counts as CPD and how to make the annual CPD declaration.

Our members work in a range of different sectors, roles and industries so we have developed the supporting your sector area of the website which highlights relevant resources and learning to support them through their professional careers. 

further study


Further relevant study also contributes to CPD. We offer specialised certificates and diplomas which enable members to develop their skills and knowledge further. These include:

Certificate in International Financial Reporting

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Certificate in International Auditing

Last updated: 22 Nov 2016