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The workplace mentor is a vital role that supports and develops trainees through the ACCA Practical Experience Requirement (PER) and on to membership.

Become a workplace mentor

As a workplace mentor, you will be joining a network of ACCA members all around the world who use their knowledge, experience and expertise to develop the next generation of accountants. Mentoring is an essential way of developing the profession and one that ACCA believes in so strongly that we have formalised the role in our approach to PER for trainees.

The pages in this section include ACCA support and resources to help you with the practicalities of being a workplace mentor and fulfilling the role of a mentor including useful case studies and guidance sheets. 

A workplace mentor oversees trainees’ achievement of performance objectives. Their role is central to a trainee completing their practical experience requirement and achieving their qualifications in accountancy.

A workplace mentor should provide guidance and support to the trainee by:

  • helping identify which performance objectives the trainee should aim to achieve
  • setting timescales and targets for performance
  • providing access to appropriate work experience and other development opportunities
  • evaluating and reviewing their progress on a regular basis
  • signing off performance objectives that the trainee has achieved.


As an employer of ACCA students, you play an important role in ensuring those working towards ACCA or CAT qualifications gain suitable work experience. You also want to get the very best out of your trainees and the role of the workplace mentor is vital to trainees realising their potential within your organisation.

You can be a workplace mentor for any ACCA trainee if you are familiar with their work. If you do not directly manage or supervise an ACCA trainee we encourage you to support another ACCA trainee in your company. You may work with their manager to do this and be either their training supervisor or workplace mentor, depending on how close you are to their work and whether their manager is a qualified accountant.

Find out more

To find out more about becoming a workplace mentor and how it can benefit you, download the documents from the 'Related documents' section of this page.

Please note: If a trainee's workplace mentor is not a qualified accountant or auditor, then the trainee must find a 'training supervisor' to sign their PER record. The training supervisor must be a qualified accountant or auditor. The resources held in this section are suitable for both workplace mentors and training supervisors. 

Last updated: 26 Jan 2015