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We work with our CPD partners on a regular basis to deliver exclusive CPD offers so that you can develop your learning needs and meet your annual CPD requirements.

Choose from a range of pre-packaged learning bundles or even pick-and-mix your own courses.

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CPD for free


We have developed a range of free learning resources that you can complete at a time and place of your own convenience.

Change management - 10 course

Finance and business management - 10 course

Leadership and vison - 10 course

Managing for the first time - 10 course

Negotiation skills - 5 course

Understanding strategy - 10 course


Effective team management

Personal growth


(*available in a range of languages - refer to each link for more details)

New Business essentials learning bundles:


Business and finance - 5 course

Business and IFRS skills - 20 course

Corporate reporting - 12 courses for the price of 10

Corporate reporting and business management - 10 course

Financial management - 5 course 

IFRS basics - 5 course

IFRS procedures - 10 course

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ACCA’s IFRS Fundamentals e-learning system brings all your IFRS learning needs together with one easy to use desktop application.

The desktop application will provide you with:

  • access to over 47 ACCA IFRS Fundamentals e-learning modules
  • up to date news on IFRS
  • tools for both IFRS and IFRS for SMEs
  • monthly webinars as well as access to archived webinars
  • access to the IFRS quickies videos
Pick 'n' mix the following:
Pick 'n' mix the following:

ACCA and Kaplan's IFRS technical webinars offer an engaging and interactive approach to addressing the challenges of optimising the timing of revenue recognition and dealing with off-balance sheet items.

The 2015 programme has now been finalised and Kaplan are offering ACCA members the opportunity to purchase three webinars for the price of two, on all live and recorded webinars*.

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Last updated: 1 Oct 2015