How the ACCA Qualification develops career-zone expertise

Organisations want to ensure that their risks are being appropriately and ethically managed. In the face of digital disruption, channels to market are being transformed, barriers to entry are falling and traditional customer bases are eroding while new ones are emerging.

According to our survey of members, 75% see career opportunities growing in enterprise risk management, 56% see opportunities in internal audit growing and 47% expecting more opportunities in external audit.

Competencies needed by the assurance advocate

Assurance Advocates will need the well-rounded skills provided by the ACCA Qualification, with particular emphasis on the competency areas highlighted:

ACCA Qualification diagram showing all of key competencies making up the qualification. Assurance advocates need to focus, in particular, on the 'Audit and Assurance' and 'Governance, Risk and Control' competencies

These competences are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in the exams, ethics and experience components of the qualification.

Assurance advocates bring new levels of trust and integrity to organisational operations and as digital tools and technologies explode, the ACCA Qualification’s focus on ethics, professionalism and digital capabilities means we are preparing students for these roles. Ethics is built into each exam and with our Ethics and Professional Skills module, we are preparing students to be at the forefront of shaping future forward-looking audit practices. 

Audit and assurance is a compulsory element of the qualification and our Options exams mean that students can also choose to specialise in this area. 

Corporate and Business Reporting continues to be a prerequisite technical skill of all qualified accountants which is why Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) is a core Strategic Professional exam of the ACCA Qualification - this reflects the increasing complexity of the global regulatory and compliance environment and the growing demands from groups of different stakeholders for reliable corporate reports on issues that extend beyond the traditional financial statements eg sustainability reports, integrated reporting.

Assurance advocates will be essential to the strong stewardship of sustainable businesses for the future and the ACCA Qualification through the Strategic Business Leader exam develops the leadership skills to lead these businesses effectively and ethically, whilst understanding the stakeholder needs and priorities.

The competences required to meet the demands of this role are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in exams, ethics and experience.

"75% of ACCA members see career opportunities growing in enterprise and risk management"

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